Discovering Tiffany Blue Paint in 20 Beautiful Ways

Everyone knows what a classic shade of Tiffany blue looks like. It evokes a sense of girlish charm and luxury. But it’s also quite versatile when used for interior design purposes. In the kitchen or in the bedrooms, we’re shining a light on all the ways you can utilize a silky Tiffany blue wall in 20 beautiful ways. Discover what this shade can do to inside your home below!

1. Girlish, Cameo

Feminine and youthful room

This bedroom is full of feminine quality and youthful appeal. The Tiffany blue accents the creamy neutrals in a special way and we are in love with the hot pink adornments and cameo pillows.

2. Casual, Relaxed

Tiffany blue paint for Bedroom

Can you not see your guest room dipped in this illustrious shade? We love how relaxed, yet detailed the entire room is. Any guest would feel welcomed, yet spoiled a bit too.

3. Precise, Defined

Tiffany blue paint entryway

An entryway that will wow all who enter, this space is highlighted with precise elegance and modern lines. We love the contrast on the walls and the mirrored furniture piece highlighting the way.{found on lovedesignbdos}.

4. Modern, Retro

Modern and retro tiffany blue paint for kitchen

There’s a retro feel inside this chic, modern kitchen that we’re in love with. Smooth lines, clean finished and not only a beautiful, Tiffany blue accent wall but cabinets too!{found on colinandjustin}.

5. Soft, Feminine

office studio of Katelyn James

There’s a lot to be inspired by inside this soft and feminine home office. White brightens the pastel shade with a silky, smooth flair and feminine accents play up the charm throughout.{found on Katelyn James}.

6. Luxurious, Bright

Tiffany blue paint color in bathroom

Transform your roomy bathroom into a space that’s a bit on the luxurious side. A shade of Tiffany can brighten, freshen and revitalize a drab area in minutes.

7. Traditional, Welcomed

traditional blue paint living room tiffany style

This living room has a traditional and homey touch but it is defined by that beautiful shade of Tiffany blue that makes every girl’s eye sparkle. We love it mixed with creamy creams and golden tones.{found on ballarddesigns}.

8. Classic, Eclectic

Tiffany blue walls

There’s a beautiful mix of classic looks and eclectic items in this home office and it’s highlighted nicely by the rich, Tiffany blue walls.

9. Youthful, Fun

Modern and youtful bathroom design

This bathroom has a chic style with a youthful and fun presence. It’s perfect for a teenager and great inspiration when decorating a dorm room too!{found on sabrinaalfininteriors}.

10. Whimsical, Fairy-Tale

Whimsical room with blue paint wall

Tiffany blue can also compliment a playful area as well. In a little one’s bedroom or in the bonus room that acts as the children’s play area, Tiffany blue is a beautiful gender neutral color that can sway any way.

11. Accented, Detailed

Accent kitchen backsplash

This room is beautiful in its monochromatic style but that precise pop of Tiffany accents it nicely and sets off a detail that’s incredibly stylish and fun.{found on kenhayden}.

12. Cultured, Explorer

Eclectic and discovered bedroom arrangement

Filled with a very worldly essence, we’re in love with this eclectic and discovered bedroom arrangement. And we love how bright and alive it seems with this wall color.{found on favreauinteriordesign}.

13. Organic, Beautiful

Organic girl room with tiffany blue paint

This girl’s bedroom has so much inspiration from nature and organic beauty that we’ve fallen completely in love with its soft and inviting charm.

14. Vintage, Smooth

Wall behind furniture

Here’s a great example of a little nook that’s styled to a “T” but also smoothed by a sultry, smooth Tiffany blue wall. It highlights red and compliments wood furniture.

15. Inviting, Mod.

Inviting corner placed bed

This bedroom is detailed but also simply sweet. It’s inviting for guests or as your own, personal space and we love its mod undertone.{found on alyssaleephotography}.

16. Creative, Inspirational

Creative tiffany blue paint walls for office

It’s also a great color to play up a creative spirit and inspire. This color can electrify a home office that’s full of that swirling type of ethos.{found on kootutmurut}.

17. Vibrant, Pretty

Vibrant color for Entryway

This entryway is another great example of how beautiful and hightlighting this tone can be to your home. It’s got a pretty effect on any part of the home, no matter the decor.

18. Posh, Stylish

Stylish living room with a touch of luxury

There’s something wildly fashion-forward and ultra chic about this living room space. It’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying but impressional enough to entertain in as well.

19. Clean, Refreshing

Clean and refreshing laundry room

If you have to do laundry, you might as well make the space a refreshing spot to spend time in. Tiffany blue creates a clean and revitalized feel to even the smallest of rooms.

20. Boyish, Chic

Nursery room with Tiffany blue paint

This little boy’s room packs a mighty punch. And we see how a Tiffany blue room wasn’t meant for just the ladies of the house but the suave, chic boys too!