Decorating with Cream: Ideas and Inspiration

Cream colors. They’re smoother than gray and less harsh than white. They’re serene, yet contemporary. They’re stylish, yet relaxed. They’re ethereal, yet sophisticated. Cream rooms have the ability to relax and impress all at the same time. The genre of decor just depends on your willingness to commit to a theme but these versatile shade work wonders in any setting and any rooms. Take a look at some real-life ideas and inspiration.

1. Rustic & Clean.

Eclectic home office design2

Creams look fantastic in clean, open spaces. Take this breakfast nook and kitchen for example. The camel wood pops right off the silky, cream walls creating a pristine, yet rustic palette. It’s not overly feminine, but instead cozy and shabby chic. Add just a bit of fresh flowers for a hint of color and you’ve creating a stylish and homey space for the house.

2.Eclectic & Cozy.

Eclectic home office design2

These shades make the perfect foundation to any room. And for a bedroom, you cannot go wrong. With just a few eclectic accessories or patterns to make a surprising pop, you’ll have a chic and cozy bedroom to enjoy. We love the rich, creamy shades that look incredible next to crisp white woodwork which adds to he sophistication and uniqueness of the room.

3. Rich & Elegant.

Eclectic home office design2

Sometimes the right cream color will give off a vibrant, golden essence. Embrace it. This is what makes the beautiful, rich ambiance perfect for luxurious, elegant bathrooms. A stylish chandelier to create lots of light, a stand along tub, a beautiful rug and two warm, cream tones will easily create a little piece of magic for your home.

4. Soft & Sweet.

Eclectic home office design2

Your hallways and foyers will look more expensive and softer with a dressing of cream. Forget the accessories and photos covering the walls, then the structure and space stand on its own with a beautiful shade of silky, warm white. It’ll open up the walkways of the house and create depth, height and the illusion of space. Of course you can add your own accessories to spruce things up, but it looks lovely clean and crisp.

5. Feminine & Free.

Eclectic home office design2

Like we said previously, cream is a very versatile shade and it’s incredibly easy to work with and decorate around. That’s why it’s the perfect foundation color. It’s adds a light and airy feel to any room and when you’re creating something girly and feminine it works perfectly with all shades of pink, purple and yellow! Florals and delicate patterns work especially well.

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