How To Decorate With Tall Indoor Plants

Potted plants are our way of reconnecting with nature and of bringing some of its beauty into our homes. We use plants to give spaces a fresh and vibrant look and to add color into a simple décor that needs a touch of green to look complete. Tall indoor plants and even small trees can provide us with an unexpected and unique focal point. There are many different ways in which you can decorate with such features.

Ficus Lirata tall corner plant

For example, a large plant can be placed in the corner of a room to fill out an empty space. Corners are usually dead spaces and having a plant there is a great way to put that space to good use. Also, some corner spaces are too small to accommodate furniture and this makes them perfect for accent features such as plants or sculptures.

Living room decorated with small and tall plants

You can decorate room corners with tall potted plants even if you have furniture that goes from wall to wall. A plant can also look beautiful in front of a shelf or cabinet as long as it doesn’t completely obstruct the access to that area. For symmetry, frame a fireplace or a wall unit with two large potted plants.

White walls and black beams living room with tall plants in corner

Another beautiful idea is to have a large potted plant placed in front or close to a window. It will filter the light that comes into the room and it will definitely love the location if it’s a species that likes direct sun. Keep in mind that not all plants enjoy it. This species is called Strelizia nicolai and is commonly known as the giant white bird of paradise or wild banana.

Perfect sunroom with eames lounge chair and tall plants

A sunroom, covered patio or any room with large windows and a strong connection with the outdoors can be turned into a fresh and tropical nook through plants. Choose tall indoor plants that make a statement, preferably a species that doesn’t occupy a lot of floor space. This way you’ll have plenty of room for comfortable furniture and the plants will provide you with shade.

Tall flower pots on a spanish house

In some cases, a small tree placed in a pot can be the perfect accent piece. Make sure you place need a window or glass door. A balcony would be a wonderful location for such a decoration. You can fill the pot with small colorful flowering plants and have smaller pots arranged around it to create a lovely indoor garden.

Tall ceiling allow big plants

Spaces with tall ceilings or double height rooms offer more flexibility when it comes to tall indoor plants. There’s even the option to grow a climbing plant and let it cover the walls, being guided by the sun coming through a skylight. Ficus are another good option since they grow tall and lean.

Large pots to decorate the house with

If you’ve chosen to decorate your home with a large indoor plant, you might as well pick a planter that makes a statement. It can be something antique and with lots of rustic or vintage charm or it can be something modern and sculptural. Pick the color, shape and form that best suits the décor of your home.

Big tree used to decorate the interior of the house

You might think that a tree has no place inside a house. That might be true for small spaces but when there’s plenty of room to go around, a small tree can actually thrive indoors. Of course, it needs lots of natural light and adequate care so make sure it has a large pot so the roots can grow. It would be a good idea to place it under a skylight.

Libraries and plants make a great pair

Libraries and plants make a great pair. That’s because plants are very relaxing and soothing and some even say they help us concentrate better. There are also lots of air-purifying plants you can choose from. A tall indoor plant such as this one can lean against the bookshelves and give the room a unique and very comfortable look and ambiance.

Mid-century inspired dining room

The dining room is another great place for a large indoor plant. You can have one placed by the window or in a corner of the room. It will give you the sensation of dining in an al fresco setting, making the space look fresh and vibrant. The room décor can feature earthy and natural colors such as brown with gray, white and black accents.

Tall plant with a black pot

Have your tall plant placed by a mirror so it looks even fuller and larger. The color and freshness as well as the light will reflect in the mirror and you’ll get a décor that’s bright and very inviting. It’s quite a great look for a farmhouse home or a contemporary residence.

If you prefer a simpler and more clean and sculptural look for your home, perhaps a better option would be to just put more emphasis on the planters and to simply choose plants that are sleek, delicate and very simple in order to complement the look you’ve selected for the space. This seems to be a nice design idea for a hallway or entryway.