10 Ways to Decorate With a Sheepskin Rug

Fur decor, faux or real, has always been a trend in certain styles. But usually we were stuck with short hairs or too brown hairs or uncomfortable hairs. Then came the rise of Scandinavian decor and the sheepskin rug took the spotlight. Real or fake, sheepskin rugs are small yet very comfortable. White is the most common but you can find them in several shades like gray and pink. Also, the faux sheepskin rugs are not an arm and a leg which means you can add several to your home without breaking the bank. Here are 10 ways you can decorate with a sheepskin rug that will convince you to buy two at a time.

Sheepskin rug reading nookView in gallery

You’ve probably seen sheepskin most often in living room decor. The comfort factor makes them perfect for warming up your toes. You can also throw them over your favorite chair in your reading nook and you’ll find that you have created a space you’ll never want to leave. (via Trendir)

Sheepskin rug throw blanketView in gallery

Sheepskin is for the bedroom too! Find the extra long ones to use as a throw for your bed. Not only will it add warmth when you slip under the covers, the difference in texture will bring a subtle interest and depth to your bedroom. (via Luxe Faux Fur)

Sheepskin rug entry benchView in gallery

Looking for an affordable way to make a large impact on your entry space in your home? Try throwing a sheepskin over your foyer bench or chair. It will make your guests feel cozy as soon as they walk through your door. (via Domino)

Sheepskin rug dining cushionView in gallery

Definitely Scandinavian but not out of your reach, you just have to add these sheepskin cushions to your dining room. It only takes one sheepskin rug to make two cushions so how can you say no? (via FRK Hansen)

Sheepskin rug office chairView in gallery

While your home may be quite cozy, what about your office? It’s basically your other home and deserves to be cozy too. Take a sheepskin rug to work and throw it over your office chair for an instant increase in daily comfort and cozy. (via Design Sponge)

Sheepskin rug throw pillowsView in gallery

Adding fur to the bedroom is always a great idea, but what if you’d rather have linen that a sheepskin throw blanket? Enter the throw pillow. Whether you make your own or buy them, they’ll definitely become the favorite feature of your bedroom. (via Design Love Fest)

Sheepskin rug stoolView in gallery

It’s tempting to throw out the old bench or seat with the wearing cushion. However, you should definitely consider keeping it and recovering the seat with a sheepskin rug. It’s thrifty and chic in the same sentence. (via Horses and Heels)

Sheepskin rug kids roomView in gallery

Let’s not leave the kids out of the sheepskin rug fun! Throw one or two of them under the pillows in their private reading nook and that is where you’ll find them all winter long. (via Design By Numbers)

Sheepskin rug porch chairsView in gallery

How brilliant is this. If the place you live boasts pleasantly chilly nights instead of frigid temps, throw a sheepskin rug on the outdoor chairs on your porch to create yet another space to spend your winter evenings. (via Haus Alpina Klosters)

Sheepskin rug bean bagView in gallery

Of course if you want to go completely and totally all out with your sheepskin, feel free to purchase this sheepskin beanbag chair. It’s soft and comfortable enough to live in… I mean sleep in. (via Apartment Therapy)