Cultural Beauty Takes A Modern Turn In A Minimalist Apartment

The dialogue between material, color, texture, light and everything else is at the heart of every beautiful and harmonious interior design. These are the elements that interact and communicate in ways we don’t always understand and the results are sometimes extraordinary. This applies to all sorts of things, not just interior design.

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In fact, sometimes there’s a close connection between the design of a space and other domains. For example, this apartment in Shanghai takes inspiration from traditional Chinese landscape paintings. Similarly to the way ink and colors are used there to create wonderful visual effects, these elements were used here to make the space look and feel soothing, stylish and welcoming.

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The materials, colors and light were expertly manipulated by the architects at Wei Yi International Design. The studio believes that there’s more to today’s remodels and renovations than just design. Every project has a more profound meaning, speaking of deep connections, transformations and aspects of life. The design practice shifted interest from furniture design to art and this helped define their style in a way that makes each space stand out.

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The apartment has a total floor area of 165 square meters and was renovated in 2014. It now boosts a man cave décor defined by masculine shades of gray and by various rugged textures and finishes. In fact, gray is the main color used throughout the apartment, with variations and the occasional white and black addition.

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Of course, there’s also the occasional touch of color. The dining area, for example, has red chairs arranged around a stylish table. They’re complemented by a wall painting that also uses red as the main color.

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Modern Chinese apartment yellow led lights

The living space features a chic touch of yellow in the form of a ceiling LED light fixture that extends along the way and into the adjacent spaces.

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Despite the limited palette of colors and the fact that the materials used throughout don’t really show their individuality, the apartment has a surprisingly harmonious and well-balanced décor. The ambiance throughout is inviting and cozy even if gray is not the warmest color in the spectrum.

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Light and shadow always play with each other completing the decor and establishing a pleasant ambient. You can see here how beautiful the workspace is despite its simplicity.

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