40 Chevron Home Accessories To Shop Around For

There’s something so fun and funky about a classic, chevron pattern. It’s versatile, it can be interesting, it can add a pop of personality and it can be used in a variety of ways in terms of styling a space. And that’s why we dove in and created a superb list of 40 chevron home accessories to shop around for, get excited about and decorate your home with!

1. Throw Pillows

Turquoise chevrons on pillows

Throw these on the bed, the sofa or on the accent chair in the guest room for a pop of color and interest. They’re fun and can add a easy bit of like to any space.

2. Blankets

Chevron Blankets

Use these like the throw pillows above by adding a bout of cozy comfort to the bedroom or living room but with a burst of color and texture. It’s such a playful print to adorn the house with.

3. Lamp Shades

Yellow lamp shades on chevron

Add that same burst of personality to your light fixtures. Make sure your home office or craft room lamps have an extra bit of zest to them.

4. Curtains

Shades of grey and pink on chevron curtains

Whether you go with bright shades or neutral tones, a chevron pattern will still be more stylish than a plain set. So add the jazzy feels to the nursery or your own bedroom!

5. Vases

Chevron black and white vases

We love a chunky chevron slapped onto vases too. Whether you add some fresh floral or use it for styling the coffee table, it’s fun, funky and trendy!

6. Picture Frames

Chevron picture frames

Distressed or full of color, make your family photos even more adorable with this added pattern. From wall frames to the side table, the print will make it pop!

7. Storage Bins

Storage bins in chevron and diff patterns

Even your storage bins can be filled with more style than the usual “plain Jane” looks. Fill your bookshelves or clean up clutter with your chevron pieces.

8. Side Tables

Chevron side table top

This may end up being a chic DIY project for you to dive into or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find this while you’re out and about shopping. From rustic looks to more feminine styles, don’t be afraid of adding interest to your furniture pieces.

9. Clocks

Chevron wall clocks

Yep, even your clocks can come with a bit of funk. Hang them on the wall in the kitchen or balanced on your mantle, they’re a youthful addition to the home.

10. Wall Decals

Chevron wall decals

Shop around for some funky, retro chevron wall decals for your bedrooms or hallways. It’s an easy way to personalize a space without too much fuss.

11. Seat Cushions

Soft chevron chairs covers

Instead of solid, monochromatic looks on your chairs, benches or window seats, add this pattern to the cushion! They’re easily found and easily DIYed too!

12. Stools

chevron stools for kitchen island

Check out this chunky, kitchen bar stools hanging out in this chic and polished kitchen! We love the added personality and flavor they make in this sleek area.

13. Bookshelves

Wallpaper behind the shelves in chevron

Dress up your bookshelf with some decaled backing or paint it right on the furniture if you want to flaunt some DIY skills. You can use this in the playroom or as a fun accent piece.

14. Jewelry Dishes

air dry clay bowl in chevron

This is another project you can dive into and try to DIY yourself with a bit of decopauging or find your own chevron piece out and about on your shopping adventures.

15. Rugs

Multicolored chevron rug

Again you can find both throw and area rugs in neutral tones and popping colors, but either way you’ll provide interest to the floor and break up anything that’s too dull for your personality-filled home.

16. Tapestries

Wall art in chevron

Add something a bit romantic and fun to the walls by using tapestries in your home decor. And when it’s covered in chevron, you’ll get a lot of fun and funk to play with.

17. Wallpapers

Nursery room with grey chevorn walls

Just like wall decals, you can find chevron wallpaper too. From chunkier prints for the nursery to smaller ones for the guest bathroom, these can be a lot of fun for the home.

18. Headboards

Chevron black and white headboard

From wood to upholstery, you can find headboards dipped in the trendiest print around. Black and white has a more sophisticated sheen while colors are a bit more youthful.

19. Bedstools

Chevron day bed design

Add some interest to the end of the bed, even if your space is more traditional. This will add an ounce of personalization and fun without making a mess of the room.

20. Play Teepees

Play Teepees

These play teepees are a fun addition to the playroom but also a good choice for making relaxing reading nooks. Of course, they too come in a variety of fun colors and prints.

21. Candle Votives

Candle votives with a chevron design

Your candle votives can have a little pizazz too. We loved these gilded pieces for a posh appeal, but you can add spice and youth with bright tones as well.

22. Dishes

Chevron dishes

Dishes can easily carry these prints as well. Soft zig-zags or neon tones can play up your kitchen’s colors and make dinner more fun.

23. Dressers/Chests

Dresser-chest with a chevron pattern

Here’s another fabulous DIY project to dive into. Upcycle an older dresser or chests and add some personality to its overall design with either paint to decals.

24. Trinkets

Small chevron box

From the side tables to the coffee tables to the mantle, your trinkets can show off your personal style as well. Chevron pops and will bring attention to the smallest of details.

25. Shelving

Floating chevron shelving and storage system

Instead of drab, floating shelves or built-in pieces, go the extra mile in home styling. Here too you can add some paint, decals or shop around for the perfect chevron piece.

26. Ottomans

Yellow chevron design for an ottoman

If you have one-tone furniture infuse some texture and print into your smallest pieces. For example, an ottoman is a great and easy way to add extra jazzy feels to the house.

27. Cloth Napkins

Black and white chevron napkins

Dress up your tablescape too. Invest in some cloth napkins and make sure they evoke a fun feel for when its time to prep for dinner parties with your friends.

28. Switch Covers

Turquoise switch covers

Here’s where attention to details really comes in handy. Even your switch covers can transform a home’s overall ambiance – and chevron makes it a happy one.

29. Mirrors

Chevron frame for mirror

When you don’t know how to decorate, go with mirrors. Giving any room more light and the illusion of more space, with a bout of chevron you’ll get everything you need in one piece.

30. Desk Organizers

Desk organizer chevron style

Your home office or crafting space should speak of you personality and style as well. Choose desk organizers with a playfulness that evokes a sense of you, like these chevron-covered ones!

31. Mugs

Cool chevron mugs

Mugs too can come covered in the trendiness of the zig-zag style. From hot pink to black and white, these are pretty easy to shop around for.

32. Shower Curtains

Shower curtains with chevron design

For the dorm room or your very first apartment, even your bathroom will need a burst of refreshing flavor. Chevron is a go-to print that will be both versatile and clean.

33. Tablecloths

Chevron style on table clothes

When spring or summertime rolls around, your table needs to evoke a sense of happy, sunshine weather. And chevron has that same moveable tone.

34. Trash Bins

Chevron trash bins

Again, we reiterate the importance of attention to detail. Even your trash bins can help transform a space into something much more special.

35. Wall Art

Chevron wall art

One of the more obvious chevron pieces to shop for, wall art is the most fun. From canvases to framed bit, add some chevron to your gallery walls or bedroom looks.

36.  Sofas

Chevron sofa two seater

For a formal living room or even on your covered porch, go bold with a printed furniture piece. Are you not in love with this selection, it’s a simple sofa protector that adds so much new style?

37.  Bath Towels

Modern cheveron bathroom towels

The kids will love having their own towels that speak of their youthful nature. Give the kids something special for their bathroom with these popping additions.

38. Accent Chairs

Accent chevron chairs

My favorite way to use chevron would be with an accent chair in the corner that is both stylish and inviting. Black and white, blue and cream …. they all work!

39. Coffee Table Trays

Chevron coffee table trays

Here too is a great way to show your attention to small details and add interest in an unsuspecting way. Your coffee table styling will start off just right.

40. Bedding

Chevron bedding

And your bedding can be more fun and playful too with sheets or comforters that are adorned in this print. Chunky or slim, that’s up to you!