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To use our Celsius to Fahrenheit calculator, enter the degrees Celsius to reveal the equivalent temperature in Fahrenheit. You can also use the C to F formula below to calculate on your own.

Celsius to Fahrenheit (C to F)

Celsius to Fahrenheit Calculator

Type a value in the Celsius field to convert the value to Fahrenheit:


To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply by 1.8 and add 32.

Fahrenheit = Celsius * 1.8 + 32

Reference the table below for common °C to °F conversions.

Celsius (°C)Fahrenheit (°F)Kelvin (K)Description
-273.15 °C-459.67 °F0absolute zero temperature
-50 °C-58.0 °F223.15
-40 °C-40.0 °F233.15
-30 °C-22.0 °F243.15
-20 °C-4.0 °F253.15
-10 °C14.0 °F263.15
-9 °C15.8 °F264.15
-8 °C17.6 °F265.15
-7 °C19.4 °F266.15
-6 °C21.2 °F267.15
-5 °C23.0 °F268.15
-4 °C24.8 °F269.15
-3 °C26.6 °F270.15
-2 °C28.4 °F271.15
-1 °C30.2 °F272.15
0 °C32.0 °F273.15freezing/melting point of water
1 °C33.8 °F274.15
2 °C35.6 °F275.15
3 °C37.4 °F276.15
4 °C39.2 °F277.15
5 °C41.0 °F278.15
6 °C42.8 °F279.15
7 °C44.6 °F280.15
8 °C46.4 °F281.15
9 °C48.2 °F282.15
10 °C50.0 °F283.15
11 °C51.8 °F284.15
12 °C53.6 °F285.15
13 °C55.4 °F286.15
14 °C57.2 °F287.15
15 °C59.0 °F288.15
16 °C60.8 °F289.15
17 °C62.6 °F290.15
18 °C64.4 °F291.15
19 °C66.2 °F292.15
20 °C68.0 °F293.15
21 °C69.8 °F294.15room temperature
22 °C71.6 °F295
23 °C73.4 °F296.15
24 °C75.2 °F297.15
25 °C77.0 °F298.15
26 °C78.8 °F299.15
27 °C80.6 °F300.15
28 °C82.4 °F301.15
29 °C84.2 °F302.15
30 °C86.0 °F303.15
31 °C87.8 °F304.15
32 °C89.6 °F305.15
33 °C91.4 °F306.15
34 °C93.2 °F307.15
35 °C95.0 °F308.15
36 °C96.8 °F309.15
37 °C98.6 °F310.15Average body temperature
38 °C100.4 °F311.15
39 °C102.2 °F312.15
40 °C104.0 °F313.15
50 °C122.0 °F323.15
60 °C140.0 °F333.15
70 °C158.0 °F343.15
80 °C176.0 °F353.15
90 °C194.0 °F363.15
100 °C212.0 °F373.15Boiling point of water
150 °C302.0 °F423.15
200 °C392.0 °F473.15
250 °C482.0 °F523.15
300 °C572.0 °F573.15
400 °C752.0 °F673.15
500 °C932.0 °F773.15
600 °C1112.0 °F873.15
700 °C1292.0 °F973.15
800 °C1472.0 °F1073.15
900 °C1652.0 °F1173.15
1000 °C1832.0 °F1273.15

How to Convert Celcius to Fahrenheit without a Formula

If you need to make quick calculations, you can get approximate results by doubling your Celsius value and then adding 30.

Easy Celsius to Fahrenheit Calculation: Fahrenheit = Celsius * 2 + 30

While not precise, it’s helpful when you want to figure the weather temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and can’t remember the exact formula. 

Example of Calculating Celsius to Fahrenheit

If it’s 26 °C, it’s 78.8 °F. Here’s how we came to that conclusion.

  • 26 * 1.8 = 46.8
  • 46.8 + 32 = 78.8 °F

Using the easy C to F formula, your result would be as follows:

  • 26 * 2 = 52
  • 52 + 30 = 82

While the easy formula is a few degrees off, it’s close to the actual temperature.

What’s the Difference Between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

Celsius and Fahrenheit are both temperature scales. Celsius is an SI unit part of the metric system. Fahrenheit is part of the Imperial and United States Customary Systems. 

On the Celsius scale, 0° is the freezing point, and 100° is the boiling point. On the Fahrenheit scale, 32° is the freezing point, and 212° is the boiling point. The Fahrenheit scale uses more precise numbers, which makes it hard to convert from C to F. One degree Celsius is 1.8 times larger than one degree Fahrenheit.

The most significant difference between the two is that countries such as the United States and Liberia use Fahrenheit while the rest of the world measures temperature with Celsius. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What’s the Difference Between a Celsius and Fahrenheit Thermometer?

Celsius and Fahrenheit’s thermometers measure temperature, but since they use different scales, readings will be different. On the Fahrenheit scale, 98.6 is the average body temperature, and anything over 100.4 is considered a fever. On the Celsius scale, 37 °C is the average body temp, and a fever is anything at or above 37.8 °C.

Is Centigrade different from Celsius?

Centigrade is the old name for Celsius. The metric temperature scale was renamed Celsius in 1948 after its founder Ander Celsius.

At What Temperature is Celsius and Fahrenheit equal?

The only temperature where °F and °C are equal is -40°.

Why Convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

A reason to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit is if you’re U.S. native and visiting another country. You’ll need to convert to understand the weather, for cooking and to take a temperature with a thermometer.