Square Inches to Square Feet Conversion (sq in to sq ft)

To convert square inches to square feet, divide your value by 144, as there are 144 square inches in 1 square foot.

Convert Square Inches(in²) to Square Feet(ft²)

Type a value in the Square Inches(in²) field to convert the value to Square Feet(ft²):

Square feet = square inches ÷ 144

Reference the table below for the most common square inch to square feet conversions.

Square Inces(in²)Square Feet(ft²)
0.5 in²0.00347222 ft²
0.1 in²0.000694444 ft²
1 in²0.00694444 ft²
1.5 in²0.01041667 ft²
2 in²0.0138889 ft²
3 in²0.02083333 ft²
3.5 in²0.02430556 ft²
4 in²0.0277778 ft²
5 in²0.0347222 ft²
10 in²0.0694444 ft²
15 in²0.1041667 ft²
25 in²0.173611 ft²
50 in²0.347222 ft²
100 in²0.694444 ft²
150 in²1.041667 ft²

How to Convert Square Inches to other Measurements

Square Inches(in²) to Square Feet(ft²)
Here are formulas to convert square inches to other units of measurement.

There are 6.452 square centimeters in one square inch. Therefore, to convert from square inches to square centimeters, multiply your value by 6.452.

Square centimeters = square inches x 6.452

There are 1,550 square inches in one square meter. To convert from square inches to square meters, divide your value by 1,550.

Square meters = square inches ÷ 1,550

One square inch equals 645.16 square millimeters. To convert from square inches to square mm, multipy your value by 645.16.

Square millimeters = square inches x 645.16y

There are 1,296 square inches in a sq yard. So, to convert square inches to square yards, divide your value by 1,296.

Square yards = square inches ÷ 1,296

What is a Square Inch?

A square inch is a measurement from the British Imperial and United States Customary Units Systems. While a regular inch measures length, a square inch measures area. It is equal to a square with one-inch sides. Standard abbreviations for the square inch include sq. in., sq in, sq inch, and inch².

How to Figure out the Square Inches of a Room

Square inches = width x length

You can calculate the square inches of an area by measuring the length and width in inches. Then multiply those values. For example, to calculate the square inches of a room that measures 144 inches by 120 inches, multiply 144 x 120. The answer is 17,280 square inches. 

If you’d like to convert your inches squared to feet squared, divide your square inch number by 144. So, in this case, the 120 x 144-inch room equals 17,280 square inches or 120 square feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do you convert 67 square feet to square inches?

To convert 67 sq ft into square inches, multiply it by 144 (the number of square inches in one square foot.) The answer is there are 9,648 square inches in 67 square feet.

What is 30.75 square feet in square inches?

There are 4,428 square inches in 30.75 square feet. 

How many square inches are in an acre?

There are square inches 6,272,640 inches in one acre.

How many square inches are in a 12-inch circle?

To determine the square inches of a circle, start by measuring the radius (the center point to the edge) in inches. Then multiply the radius by the radius to determine square inches. A 12-inch circle has a 6-inch radius. Since 6 x 6 = 36, a 12-inch circle has an area value of 36 square inches.

Can you use square inches to measure a cylinder?

You can only measure two-dimensional objects using square inches. Since a cylinder is a 3-d object, you’ll need to use cubic inches to measure its volume.