Inches to Meters (in to m) conversion calculator

1 inch is equal to 0.0254 meters, to convert from inches to meters, multiply your inches value by 0.0254. There are 39.3701 inches in one meter.

Convert Inches to Meters

Type a value in the Inches field to convert the value to Meters:

Meters = inches x 0.0254

Reference the table below for common inches to meters conversions.

Inches (in)Meters (m)
1 in0.03 m
2 in0.05 m
4 in0.10 m
5 in0.13 m
6 in0.15 m
7 in0.18 m
8 in0.20 m
9 in0.23 m
10 in0.25 m
12 in0.30 m
13 in0.33 m
14 in0.36 m
15 in0.38 m
16 in0.41 m
17 in0.43 m
20 in0.51 m
22 in0.56 m
24 in0.61 m
32 in0.81 m
36 in0.91 m
38 in0.97 m
40 in1.02 m
50 in1.27 m
55 in1.40 m
60 in1.52 m
61 in1.55 m
63 in1.60 m
64 in1.63 m
65 in1.65 m
66 in1.68 m
67 in1.70 m
69 in1.75 m
70 in1.78 m
71 in1.80 m
72 in1.83 m
73 in1.85 m
74 in1.88 m
75 in1.91 m
76 in1.93 m
80 in2.03 m
85 in2.16 m
90 in2.29 m
96 in2.44 m
100 in2.54 m
108 in2.74 m
150 in3.81 m

Difference Between an Inch and a Meter

Inches to Meters Converter

The inch is a linear measure from the Imperial and United States Customary Systems. There are 12 inches in one foot. An inch can measure length, depth, or height. 

Here are examples of objects that are about one inch:

  • A U.S. quarter 
  • The length of a standard paperclip
  • Bottle cap
  • Canadian one-dollar coin

The meter is a measure of distance from the metric system. A meter is about 39 times the length of an inch. 

An Example of Converting Inches to Meters

If you’re measuring an item and need to convert inches to meters, here’s what to do:

  • Use a tape measure to determine the number of inches 
  • Multiply the inches total by 0.0254

Consider you have a piece of wall art, and you wish to convert its height from inches to meters. Let’s say the height of the wall art is 60 inches. To transform this height into meters, you can employ the conversion factor of 0.0254. By multiplying 60 inches by 0.0254, you determine that the height of the wall art in meters is 1.524 meters

How to Convert Feet and Inches to Meters

The easiest way to convert feet and inches to meters is to start by converting your feet to inches. You can then multiply by 0.0254 to determine meters.

For example, if your total is 4ft. 6 in., multiply your feet value by 12 and then add your remaining inches.

  • 4 x 12 = 48 inches
  • 48 + 6 = 54 total inches
  • 54 x 0.0254 = 1.3716 meters

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do you convert meters to inches?

Convert meters to inches by multiplying your meters’ value by 39.3707.

How much does a meter equal in feet and inches?

A meter is equivalent to 3 feet and 3 ⅜ of an inch. 

What do you measure an inch with?

An inch is a small unit of measurement that works alongside the foot. You can use an inch to measure small objects, less than one foot, and use it in conjunction with a foot to measure the height, length, width, and depth of larger items. For example, the standard male height in the United States is 5 foot 9 inches.