Square Feet to Acres – ft² to ac

Determine square feet to acres with this conversion calculator. Place your square feet value in the empty field, and the number of acres will calculate. For manual calculations, use the square feet to acres formula below.

Convert Square feet(ft²) to Acres(ac)

Type a value in the Square feet(ft²) field to convert the value to Acres(ac):

There are 43,560 square feet in one acre. To calculate square feet to acres, divide the area value by 43560.

Square Feet(ft²) to Acres(ac)

Acres = square feet ÷ 43560

Here’s a table with standard square feet to acres calculations.

Square Feet(ft²)Acres(ac)
0.5 ft²0.0000114 ac
0.1 ft²0.0000022 ac
1 ft²0.0000229 ac
1.5 ft²0.0000344 ac
2 ft²0.0000459 ac
3 ft²0.0000688 ac
3.5 ft²0.0000803 ac
4 ft²0.00009182 ac
5 ft²0.00011478 ac
10 ft²0.00022956 ac
15 ft²0.00034435 ac
25 ft²0.00057392 ac
50 ft²0.001147842 ac
100 ft²0.002295684 ac
150 ft²0.003443526 ac

How to Convert Square Feet to Other Common Units

Here’s how to convert square feet to other units of measurement.

One square foot equals 0.092903 square meters. To figure square feet to square meters, divide your sq ft value by 10.764.

Square meters = square feet ÷ 10.764

A single square foot equals 144 square inches. Therefore, to formulate square feet to square inches, multiply the sq. ft. value by 144.

Square inches = square feet x 144

To convert square feet to linear feet for a flooring or construction project, you’ll need to know the width of your boards. You can then use this square feet to linear feet formula:

Linear feet = (square footage x 12) ÷ width of board in inches

One square foot is the equivalent of 0.111111 square yards. To calculate square feet to square yards, divide your square footage value by 9.

Square yards = square feet ÷ 9

What are Square Feet?

The square foot is a measurement of area in the US Customary Units and Imperial systems. One square foot is a square with equal one-foot (12 inches) sides. There are many abbreviations for the square foot, including sq. ft., sq ft, and ft².

Square footage is a standard measurement in real estate, often used to describe the size of a home and the area of each room. 

To calculate the square footage of an area, measure the length and width in feet and then multiply those numbers. For example, if you have a rectangular room that’s 10 feet wide and 12 feet long, multiply 10 x 12 to determine the area is 120 square feet.

Square Feet to Acres Tips

Some reasons for converting square feet to acres or acres to square feet include figuring land area on real estate listings and measuring for construction projects

Converting from one to the other is easy. To convert your square feet to acres, divide the square feet by 43,650. To convert acres to square feet, multiply the value by 43,650.

Remember, an acre can be any length or width as long as the area adds up to 43,650 square feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is 200 ft by 200 ft equal to one acre?

A piece of land that measures 200 ft by 200 ft is the equivalent of 40,000 square feet. One acre contains 43,650 square feet, making the 200 x 200 ft land equal to .92 acres.

What is the width and length of an acre?

An acre is a land area measurement – it can be any length or width as long as it adds up to 43,650 square feet. A perfect square acre will be 209 ft by 209 ft. However, an acre doesn’t have to be a square piece of land.

What are the dimensions of a quarter-acre lot?

A quarter-acre lot equals 10,913 square feet. There are no set dimensions for a quarter acre. The land can take on any shape if the width multiplied by length equals 10,913 square feet.

Can you fit two houses on one acre?

Since one acre is 43,650 square feet and the average home in the United States is 1,620 square feet, you could fit two average size houses comfortably on a one-acre lot.