Linear Inch Calculator

Enter your object’s length, width, and height into the calculator to determine linear inches. Choose from centimeters, inches, feet, or meters, and our calculator will display the equivalent amount of linear inches.

What is a Linear Inch?

Linear Inch Calculator for Fridge

Linear means “in a straight line.”  Linear inches are the sum of an item’s length, width, and height in inches. The abbreviation for linear inch is LI.

The linear inch is sometimes used in the construction, home improvement, airline, and freight industry.

The Formula to Calculate Linear Inches

Choose the units and enter the dimensions to calculate linear inches:

The formula for linear inches is length plus width plus height/depth in inches. 

Linear Inches = L (in.) + W (in) + H (in.)

How to Calculate the Linear Inches of Your Refrigerator

To measure your refrigerator’s linear inches, grab a tape measure and find the length, width, and height/depth in inches. Then, add those numbers together.

Example: Standard fridge measurements range from a height of 61 to 72 inches, a width of 24 to 40 inches, and a depth of 28 to 35 inches. If your fridge measures 65″ long, 40″ wide, and 28″ deep, add those numbers to determine linear inches: 65+40+28 = 133 linear inches.

How Many Linear Inches are in a Linear Foot?

A linear foot is 12 inches in a straight line. You can convert your linear feet measurements to linear inches by dividing by 12.

Linear inches = linear feet/12

How to Find Linear Inches of a Circular Mirror of Piece of Glass

If you need to know the linear inches of a circular mirror or piece of glass, start by finding the diameter. To find the diameter, measure the radius in inches. The radius is the middle of the circular mirror to the edge. Multiply the radius by two to find the diameter. Then multiply the diameter by π, or 3.14159265359, to determine linear inches.

Linear inches of a circle = diameter x 3.14159265359