Square Yards to Square Meters – yd² to m²

Utilize this square yards to square meters calculator for automatic conversions. Place the number of square yards in the calculator to determine the equivalent in square meters. Or reference the square yard to square meter formula below for manual calculations.

Square Yards(yd²) to Square Meters(m²) Converter

Type a value in the Square Yards(yd²) field to convert the value to Square Meters(m²):

One square yard is the same as 0.836127 square meters. To calculate sq yards to sq meters, divide your square yards’ value by 1.196.

Square Yards(yd²) to Square Meters(m²)

Square meters = square yards ÷ 1.196

Here’s a table with typical square yards to square meters conversions:

Square Yards(sq. yd)Square Meters(m²)
0.5 sq. yd0.41806 m²
1 sq. yd0.83612 m²
1.5 sq. yd1.25418 m²
2 sq. yd1.67224 m²
2.5 sq. yd2.09030 m²
3 sq. yd2.50836 m²
3.5 sq. yd2.92642 m²
4 sq. yd3.34448 m²
5 sq. yd4.1806 m²
10 sq. yd8.36120 m²
15 sq. yd12.5418 m²
25 sq. yd20.9030 m²
50 sq. yd41.80602 m²
100 sq. yd83.6120 m²
150 sq. yd125.4180 m²

How to Convert a Square Yard to Other Standard Measurements

Here’s how to convert a square yard to other common units of measurement.

One square yard is the equivalent of nine square feet. You can calculate a square yard to square feet by multiplying your square yard value by 9.

Square feet = square yards x 9

A square yard is equivalent to 1,296 square inches. To figure square yards to square inches, multiply the number of square yards by 1,296.

Square inches = square yards x 1,296

One square yard is the same as 8361.27 square centimeters. Therefore, you can calculate square yards to square centimeters by multiplying the number of yards by 8,361.

Square centimeters = square yards x 8,361

One sq yd is the equivalent of 0.00000083612736 square kilometers. Therefore, to determine square yards to square kilometers, divide your square yards by 1.196e+6.

Square kilometers = square yards ÷ 1.196e+6

A square yard is equal to 0.000000322830579 square miles. So to calculate square yards to square miles, use this formula:

Square miles = square yards ÷ 3.098e+6

What is a Square Yard?

A square yard is a unit of area in the British Imperial and United States Customary Systems. It is a square with each side equal to one yard or three feet. There is no single symbol for the square yard. Instead, common abbreviations include sq. yd, yd², yard², or other variations.

The square yard is most used in English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Canada. It’s also a common form of measurement in Pakistan.

What is a Square Meter?

A square meter is a unit of area in the metric system or International System of Units (SI). It’s a square with each side equal to one meter. One meter equals 3.28084 feet, and one square meter equals 10.7639 feet. The symbol for a square meter is m².

You can use a square meter to measure the area of land or the space inside a house, like a room, for example. 

Most countries use the metric system and, therefore, the square meter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can you convert a square yard to a cubic yard?

Since a square yard measures area and a cubic yard measures volume, you can’t convert one into another.

How do you figure square yards to regular yards?

Square yards measure area. One square yard is when all four sides of a square are one yard (three feet) in length. A regular yard only measures length. So the length of one square yard is one yard.

How do you measure square yards?

Find the sq yds of a rectangle or square by multiplying the width by the length. Before multiplying, convert your measurements to yards. There are 36 inches or 91.44 centimeters in a yard.

How many yards are in a meter?

There are 1.09361 yards in a meter.

Is a square yard bigger than a square meter?

A square meter is slightly larger than a square yard.

How do you calculate 2,500 square yards to m²?

To calculate 2,500 square yards into square meters, divide 2,500 by 1.196. The answer is 2,090.30.

How many square yards are in an acre?

There are 4,840 square yards in one acre. You can calculate acres to square yards by multiplying the number of acres by 4,840.

How many square yards are in a football field?

We’ll first find the acreage to determine square yards in a football field. One football field equals 1.32 acres, so to determine square feet, we’ll multiply by 4,840. That gives us the answer of 6,388.8 square yards in one football field.