Square Meters to Square Feet – m² to ft²

Turn square meters into square feet with this calculator. Plug in your square meters number to automatically calculate the equivalent square feet. Or, use the formula below to make the calculations manually.

Square Meters(m²) to Square feet(ft²) Converter

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There are 10.764 square feet in one square meter. So, to calculate square feet, multiply your square meters by 10.764.

Square Meters(m²) to Square Feet(ft²)

Square feet = square meters x 10.764

Reference the table below for square meters to square feet conversions.

Square Meters(m²)Square Feet(ft²)
0.5 m²5.382 ft²
0.1 m²1.076 ft²
1 m²10.764 ft²
1.5 m²16.146 ft²
2 m²21.528 ft²
3 m²32.292 ft²
3.5 m²37.673 ft²
4 m²43.055 ft²
5 m²53.819 ft²
10 m²107.639 ft²
15 m²161.458 ft²
18 m²193.75 ft²
20 m²215.28 ft²
22 m²236.81 ft²
25 m²269.098 ft²
30 m²322.917 ft²
40 m²430.556 ft²
45 m²484.375 ft²
50 m²538.195 ft²
60 m²645.833 ft²
70 m²753.472 ft²
80 m²861.111 ft²
100 m²1,076.39 ft²
117 m²1,259.37 ft²
150 m²1,614.59 ft²
160 m²1,722.23 ft²
180 m²1,937.5 ft²
200 m²2,152.78 ft²
250 m²2,690.98 ft²
260 m²2,798.62 ft²
300 m²3,229.17 ft²
400 m²4,305.56 ft²
900 m²9,687.5 ft²
1000 m²10,764.4 ft²
1200 m²12,916.7 ft²
1600 m²17,222.2 ft²

Square Meters vs. Square Feet

Square meters and square feet are both measurements of area. The square meter is a worldwide accepted unit from the metric system or International System of Units (SI.) Square feet comes from the Imperial or United States Customary systems. The use of square feet is common in the United States and the United Kingdom.

One square meter is over ten times as large as one square foot.

How to Calculate the Square Meters of a Room

To calculate the square meters of a room, use a tape measure to find the length and width of the space in meters. Then multiply the length by the width to determine the area. For example, if your room is 3.5 meters long and 3 meters wide, you’ll multiply 3.5 x 3 for an area of 10.5 square meters.

If your room is an odd shape, like an “L” or “T,”  break up the room into even rectangles. Then, measure each rectangle individually and calculate the square meters. When you’ve done this for each segment, add the square meters together for the total area of the room.

What is the Difference Between Square Meters and Meters Squared?

While they sound similar, there is a difference between square meters and meters squared. For example, if you say a room in your home is 10 square meters, it describes the total area. But, some people will interpret 10 meters squared as 10x10m² or 100 square meters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How big is 100 square meters of land?

One hundred square meters of land is the equivalent of 0.02471 acres or 0.0001 hectares.

How many square meters is a football field?

A football field measures 109.728 meters in length by 48.768 meters in width, for a total of 5,351.215 square meters.

Is the square meter a derived unit?

A square meter is a derived unit of the International System of Units (SI.) It’s derived from the meter.

Are square feet the same as feet?

Square feet measure a two-dimensional surface area, while feet measure length. One square foot is a square with equal 12-inch sides. A foot is a measurement of length that equals 12 inches.

Are square meters the same as meters?

Square meters measure the area of a two-dimensional surface (like a field or room), while meters measure the length. A square meter has four sides that each measure a meter. A meter is a length of 100 centimeters or 3.28 feet.