Cubic Inch Calculator

Figure cubic inches by entering your object’s length, width, and depth in the calculator below. We’ve also provided a cubic inch formula you can perform yourself for on-the-go calculations.

Cubic Inch Calculator

Enter the length, width, and height to calculate the volume in cubic inches:

The cubic inches formula is length x width x depth in inches.

Cubic inches = length x width x depth

Calculating Cubic Inches

Reference the table below for common cubic inches calculations.

Length (inches)Width (inches)Height (inches)Cubic Inches
555125 in³
1086480 in³
123272 in³
666216 in³
4103120 in³
777343 in³
92472 in³
888512 in³
34560 in³
1169594 in³
2228 in³
735105 in³
694216 in³
5107350 in³
1263216 in³

What is a Cubic Inch?

  • Symbol: in³

A cubic inch measures volume. It’s a unit from the Imperial and United States Customary Systems. While the symbol for the cubic inch is in³, it’s sometimes abbreviated as cu. in., cui, or cu in.

You can imagine a cubic inch as a cube in which all sides are one inch long. Here’s how a cubic inch relates to other volume measurements.

Cubic Inch Uses

One of the primary uses for the cubic inch is to measure the volume of electrical boxes. In some instances, it’s used in the automotive and aircraft industry, especially for pre-1980 models, to assess engine displacement. 

Since U.S. liquids come in the gallon, ounce, or liter, the cubic inch is one of the less common volume measurements.

Example of Calculating Cubic Inches

If you want to measure the cubic inches of a container, measure the length, width, and depth in inches. Then multiply those numbers by each other.

For example, if your container is 5 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 7 inches deep, your calculation will look this:

  • 5 x 3.5 x 7 = 122.5 cubic inches

How to Calculate Cubic Inches of a Cylinder

The formula to calculate the cubic inches of a cylinder is as follows:

Cubic inches = 3.14 x r² x height

Start by measuring the height and depth of your cylinder in inches. Once you have those numbers, divide the depth by two to determine the radius. Next, square the radius. Then, multiply the radius squared by pi. Finally, multiply your previous figure by the height of the cylinder.

Here’s an example:

Our cylinder measures 15 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter. To determine the radius, we divide the diameter by 2, making our radius 3 inches. We then multiply that number by itself to get the radius squared, which equals 9. For the next step, we multiply 9 by 3.14 (pi.) to get 28.26. Finally, we multiply 28.26 by our height of 15 inches. The result is 423.9 cubic inches.

How to Calculate Cubic Inches from Cubic Feet

Since there are 1,728 cubic inches in one cubic foot, you can multiply your feet value by 1,728 to determine cubic inches.

Cubic inches = cubic feet x 1,728

If you want to convert from cubic inches to cubic feet, divide by 1,728.

Cubic feet = cubic inches ÷ 1,728

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the difference between cubic inches and regular inches?

A regular inch measures distance and is one-dimensional. A cubic inch measures volume. Picture a cubic inch as a 3-D cube, where the length, width, and height are all one inch.

What’s the difference between a square inch and a cubic inch?

The square inch is length x width, measuring the area of space. The cubic inch is length x width x depth, measuring the volume of space.

How many cubic inches are in a cubic meter?

There are 61,020 cubic inches in a cubic meter.