Acreage Calculator – Convert and Compare Area Measurements

You can use this acreage calculator to convert common measurements from the Imperial and metric systems to acres. Choose your preferred measurement, input the length and width, and our calculator will automatically show the equivalent amount of acreage.

Acreage and Area Calculator

Enter the length and width of the land plot to calculate the acreage and area in various units:

Acreage Calculator

If you know the square footage, square mileage, square yards, square meters, or hectares of the area, you can use the formulas below to calculate area to acreage.

  • Acres = square feet ÷ 43,560
  • Acres = square miles x 640
  • Acres = square yards ÷ 4,480
  • Acres = square meters ÷ 4,046.86
  • Acres = hectares x 2.471

Acre Lot Portions and Their Square Foot Equivalents

This table provides the sizes in square feet for commonly house used acre lot portions.

Acre Lot PortionSize in Square Feet
1/4 Acre10,890 sq ft
1/3 Acre14,520 sq ft
1/2 Acre21,780 sq ft
2/3 Acre29,040 sq ft
3/4 Acre32,670 sq ft

How to Calculate the Acreage of an Irregular Lot

Calculating the acreage of a perfect square or rectangle is simple – multiply the length by the width in your preferred unit to find the area. Then convert that to acreage. But, the steps are more complicated when you have an irregular lot.

One option is to break your irregular plot of land into easy-to-measure rectangles, find the area of each, and add them all together before converting to acreage. For example, if your plot of land is an “L” shape, you can break it into two rectangles, find the square footage of each, add them together, and then divide by 43,560 to determine the number of acres.

But if your plot is irregular, digital mapping software is a more accurate method to determine acreage. Some of these programs will allow you to outline a property on Google maps and convert it to an approximate amount of acreage. 

A professional land survey is the most accurate (but more expensive) way to determine acreage of irregular lots.

How to Measure the Acreage of a Triangle

To measure the acreage of a triangle, you’ll need to know the base and height in your preferred unit of measurement. Then use this formula to determine the area: 0.5 x base x height. After figuring out the area, convert it to acreage.

Here’s an example of measuring the acreage of a triangle. We’ll use feet and square feet as our preferred measurement form.

Our triangle has a base (the longest part of the triangle) of 500 feet and a height of 300 feet. So, we’ll use the following formula to find the square footage.

  • Square feet = 0.5 x 500 x 300
  • 75,000 = 0.5 x 500 x300

To determine our acreage, we’ll divide our square footage by 43,560.

  • Acreages = 75,000 ÷ 43,560
  • 1.722 = 75,000 ÷ 43,560

Our triangle contains 1.722 acres.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do you calculate acreage with feet?

To calculate acreage with feet, measure your area and multiply width x length to determine square feet. Then, divide the square footage by 43,560 to determine acreage.

How many acres are in a mile?

Since a mile measures length and an acre measures area, you can’t measure them against each other. However, you can measure a square mile against an acre, and there are 640 acres in one square mile.

What is the length and width of an acre?

There’s no set length and width of an acre. An acre can be any shape if its area adds up to 43,560 square feet or 4,047 square meters.

How to tell how many acres my property is?

If you live in the United States, you can access your county auditor or local tax assessor’s website to look at public land records, including property values and lot sizes.

How many square feet is .23 acres?

If you have .23 acres, it’s the equivalent of 10,018.8 square feet.