Square Meters to Acres – m² to ac

Our square meters to acres conversion calculator will do the math for you. Place the value of square meters in the calculator for the equivalent number of acres. We’ve also provided a square meters to acres formula if you want to do the math yourself.

Convert Square meters(m²) to Acres(ac)

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There are 4,046.86 square meters in one acre. To convert your square meters to acres, divide your square meters value by 4047.

Square Meters(m²) to Acres(ac)

Acres = square meters ÷ 4047

Reference this table for common square meters to acres conversions.

Square Meters (m²)Acres (ac)
0.5 m²0.000123 ac
1 m²0.000247 ac
1.5 m²0.000370 ac
2 m²0.000494 ac
2.5 m²0.000617 ac
3 m²0.000741 ac
3.5 m²0.000864 ac
4 m²0.000988 ac
5 m²0.001235 ac
10 m²0.0024709 ac
15 m²0.0037064 ac
25 m²0.006177 ac
50 m²0.012354 ac
100 m²0.024709 ac
150 m²0.037064 ac

How to Convert Square Meters to Other Common Units

Here’s how to convert square meters to other units of measurement.

One square meter is the same as 0.000001 square kilometers. To calculate square meters to square kilometers, multiply by 0.000001.

Square kilometers = square meters x 0.000001

There are 1.196 square yards in one square meter. Therefore, to convert from sq. meters to sq. yards, multiply the value by 1.196.

Square yards = square meters x 1.196

There are 10,000 square meters in one hectare. So, to formulate square meters into hectares, divide the value by 10,000.

Hectares = square meters ÷ 10,000

There are 10.7639 square feet in one square meter. Therefore, to convert the value of your square meter to square feet, multiply by 10.764.

Square feet = square meters x 10.764

One square meter contains 1,550 square inches. To calculate the number of square inches in a square meter, multiply the meter’s value by 1,550.

Square inches = square meters x 1,550

Square Meters to Acres Uses

The square meter is a measurement of area from the metric system or the International System of Units (SI). In countries that use the metric system, residents might use the square meter () to measure the area of a room, flooring, or field. It may also measure land in some instances, but the hectare is more commonly used for that purpose.

The acre (ac) is a measurement of land value from the Imperial and United States Customary Units system. The square meter is a globally accepted form of measurement, while the acre isn’t.

You may need to convert from square meters to acres to get a better sense of land area if you buy property abroad or live in a country like Canada that uses both the metric and Imperial systems.

Dunam vs. Acre

The dunam is a measurement of land area originating from the former Turkish empire. The dunam was the Ottoman version of the English Acre of Greek Stremma. All of these measured the area of land one man could plow with a team of oxen per day.

While the old-world definition for the dunam was forty standard paces in breadth and length, the actual area varied by region – a dunam could range from 900 square meters to 2,500 square meters.

Many of the same countries still use the Dunam today, including Turkey, the Levant, and the United Arab Emirates. However, the definition has changed. In these parts of the world, one dunam is the equivalent of 100 square meters or 10,764 square feet – the same as 0.2471 acres.
Iraq also uses the dunam. However, the value differs from other places at 2,500 square meters or 0.25 ha.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How many acres are 2,400 square meters?

The answer to how many acres are 2,400 square meters is approximately .59 acres.

What is the length of a square meter?

A square meter is a square with equal sides, each measuring a meter. Therefore the length of a perfect square meter is one meter or 3.28 feet. But since square meters measure area, most measurements won’t be a perfect square.

What is the length of 4,046.86 square meters?

Square meters measure area, not length. Therefore, 4,046.86 square meters (equal to one acre) can take on many shapes.

How many acres is 40 x 40 meters?

To convert 40 x 40 meters to acres, first calculate the square meters, which is 1,600. Then divide 1,600 by 4,047 for a total of .395 acres.

How many acres is 50 x 50 meters?

The square meters of a 50 x 50-meter plot is 2,500 or the equivalent of .617 acres.

How many acres is 100 x 100 meters?

To convert 100 x 100 meters to acres, first, calculate the square meters, which is 10,000. Then divide by 4,047, which makes 100 x 100 meters equal to 2.471 acres.