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The Best Way To Attract Backyard Birds Is To Install Bird Baths

Summer means more time spent outside, enjoying your yard, whether in front or back. It also means higher temperatures that lead to the need for ways to cool off. For bird lovers, a great way to attract them to your home while also allowing them the opportunity to cool down is with a bird bath. The inclusion of a bird bath in your yard is also an element of design and can improve the look and atmosphere of your surroundings. By choosing a bird bath that elevates your yard design and landscaping, you can increase the value of your home, enjoy the presence of wildlife in your yard, and help your feathered friends stay cool in the long, hot summer.

What to Look for in a Bird Bath

When you’re looking for the best bird bath for your home, one of your first considerations should be your overall landscaping or hardscaping design. You want the bird bath to fit your taste and match your style. In addition, you should consider the size of the bird bath you want to have. Will it be a focal piece or an accessory to a larger design element? This will help you determine how large you want it to be.

You should also consider location of the bird bath. If it won’t be installed where plumbing is easily accessible, you’ll want it to have its own separate tank for water. You should also determine its sturdiness and weight, based on the material it’s made of, and how easily you’ll be able to maintain it. take a look at some of the best bird baths available online that could meet your needs.

1. Latrobe Garden Outdoor Birdbath

MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder

The Sol Latrobe Garden Outdoor bird bath is a great place to start when looking for a bird bath that will blend in with any yard design. It’s simple enough to blend into its surrounding but has enough style of its own to make it a centerpiece for conversation, if you want. This bird bath is constructed from lightweight concrete, which makes it very sturdy and long lasting while also assuring it’s not too heavy to move easily.

In fact, the stand is hollow to ease the pain of lifting and moving the bird bath so you can locate it exactly where you want. The overall weight comes in just under 20 pounds. It has a dark brown wood finish, with a design that makes it look as though it’s been carved and fashioned from wood rather than concrete, keeping it elemental while also assuring that the material is weather resistant for longevity. Care of the bird bath is simple. Simply drain the bowl of all water, clean thoroughly to remove any residue so that build up is prevented and allow all parts to dry if you intend to store it for the winter.

The bird bath is a small to medium size, with the bowl measuring 16.5 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches deep. The overall height with the stand is 21 inches, and the stand is 8 inches in diameter. assembly is simple and doesn’t require any tools, making installation a breeze. While it’s intended for residential use, there is a 1-year warranty that’s valid for both home and commercial use.

2. Fluted Birdbath

MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder

The Ladybug Garden Décor Fluted bird bath has a classic style and design that blends well with Victorian and Edwardian elements incorporated into your home, garden, and yard. The fluted pedestal design will have you thinking about the Renaissance and simpler times as you watch birds come and go for a quick dip.

The gray marble appearance is achieved through the marble resin construction, which is durable for outdoor use, meaning that you don’t have to worry too much about the elements, though it is recommended you empty the bird bath and store it in a cool, dry place during the winter. The fact that it’s made of resin keeps the weight low while maintaining integrity in the design and sturdiness, weighing only 8 pounds overall. Because the unit is just one piece, there is no need for assembly, making it simple to install, no matter where you want to put it.

This bird bath is a smaller piece, so it’s perfect for a small yard or as an accessory in the garden. The base measures about 8 inches in diameter, with the bowl measuring 14.5 inches in diameter. The overall height of the pedestal with the bowl is 15 inches, while the bowl is 2.25 inches deep. It’s great for smaller birds and can be located in even the smallest spaces. In fact, if you don’t have a yard and only have a deck or patio, this particular bird bath still makes a great addition to your outdoor design.

3. August Grove Ceramic Fountain bird bath

MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder

The August Grove Ceramic Fountain bird bath is a quintessential design that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fancy garden every time you enter your yard. This very traditional design has not only a bowl for the birds to bathe but a fountain with running water to keep it fresh and allow for your birds to sip at the cool liquid. The top of the fountain has a glass ceramic bird from which water bubbles down into the first tier, which then has small spouts where water trickles down into the larger bowl for bathing.

The entire fountain is a glass ceramic piece in a classic off-white color, with two-toned glazed teal accents around the sculpted edges to add just a hint of modern design to the overall image. Despite being made of ceramic, this bird bath maintains a light weight, coming in at only 22 pounds, with a hollow stand keeping the weight down. This means you can easily move and relocate it as desired. A pump is included so you don’t have to worry about hooking it up to any plumbing lines while keeping the peaceful sound of trickling water going.

It’s important to clean dirt and buildup over time to maintain the integrity of the piece so it stays strong for the long term. The design is weather resistant and doesn’t require any tools for assembly. The lower tier is just over 16 inches in diameter, the upper tier measures 11 inches in diameter, and the post is 15.4 inches high, making the overall piece stand a total of 27.25 inches high. The bird bath comes with a 1-year warranty.

4. Ceramic Fountain

MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder

The Hickory Manor House Outdoor Acanthus Leaf bird bath is ornate and decadent without being overwhelming in calling attention to itself and detracting from other areas of your yard design. It complements basic or intricate landscaping with style. The bird bath is constructed with careful attention to detail and integrity, starting with being hand cast from marble resin that is incredibly durable, even in outdoor spaces.

Then, a Polarian finish is hand applied to help keep the piece weather resistant for many years. Then, an antique copper patina finish is added to give it an aged, classic appearance that makes it impressive the moment you take notice of it. One of the taller bird baths available, it stands 30 inches high, with the bowl measuring 16.5 inches in diameter and 10 inches deep. Despite it being a medium size bird bath, the resin construction keeps the weight down so it’s incredibly manageable to move and install, at just 10 pounds.

The Roman style column is mirrored in the design on the stand, giving it character. Whether locating the bird bath under a tree in the shade or in the middle of the garden as a centerpiece in the sun, it blends into its environment for the ultimate accessory to your landscaping. The entire bird bath is one piece, so there is no assembly required. Simply drain the water to clean and store during the winter so that it remains in great shape for years to come.

5. Roberto Outdoor Aluminum Birdbath

MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder

The Fleur de Lis Living Roberto Outdoor Aluminum bird bath takes a traditional design and adds modern elements to it to bring it up to date so that you can incorporate it into your landscaping or garden design no matter your preferred style. Rather than resin, concrete, or a more traditional material, this bird bath is formed of the more contemporary cast iron and aluminum.

This not only a popular look in both modern and gothic gardens, but also extremely durable and long lasting, able to withstand almost any weather. The bird bath has 2 tiers, with a statuesque cast iron bird shown drinking from the smaller tier on top and a larger floral bowl beneath for bathing. The design of the bird bath is such that you can tuck it into the smallest corner as an accessory or have it standing tall and proud as a focal point in your yard. While not large, it is tall, standing over 34 inches high.

Meanwhile, the larger bowl measures 18 inches in diameter and is 4 inches deep, a perfect place for feathered friends to take a break and cool down. The narrow stem is stylized to look like the stem of a flower, with a larger resting base with an intricate knot design. This bird bath does require some assembly, but its light weight of only 16 pounds means that you can do this fairly easily. The bird bath has a warranty of 90 days and should be cleaned regularly with water and mild soap.

6. Low Stone mix Concept Birdbath

MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder

The Campania International Concept bird bath is a much different take on a bird bath, with a design completely reimagined from the traditional image of what you would expect to have in a yard or garden. Rather than a tall, thin pedestal or fluted and beveled bowls, this is a much more contemporary style with lots of modern elements that can easily become a conversation piece when you entertain.

The clean lines and short stature are a huge departure from tradition, with a simple round bowl and thick stump stand creating a gorgeous piece. The bird bath is created from a high density cast stone mix that is both weather resistant and durable so you can expect your bird bath to last for many years, with minimal care. The bird bath stands only 9 inches high, with the bowl measuring 1.5 inches deep, keeping it lower to the ground, more like a small outdoor table in size and style. The bowl is 19.25 inches in diameter, making it perfect for several birds to perch and enjoy the cool liquid inside.

This particular bird bath is a bit heavy, coming in at 56 pounds, but this is still maneuverable as needed to locate it wherever you like in your yard. It’s best to store during the winter to maintain the integrity of the construction, and with tool free assembly, it’s also easy to deconstruct for storage. While it’s intended for residential use, you can rest assured you’ve made a good purchase with a 30-day warranty that is good for home or commercial use.

7. 2-Tier Lily Pad Birdbath

MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder

The Innova Hearth and Home 2 Tier Lily Pad bird bath is ideal for a garden or small yard, with a peaceful and sweet appearance carved out of modern elements that are long lasting and durable for continued use. The metal construction makes for a very sturdy design, which you can rest assured won’t be harmed or destroyed by weather, even in some of the harsher elements. The base is a lattice design, with a tall, Romanesque pillar stand that holds up 2 tiers, each designed to look like lovely lily pads, floating in a pond, with the top tier smaller and offset to one side for a more modern appearance.

Each tier also has a bird statue that appears to be singing or drinking, adding a peaceful view to the bird bath, even when live birds aren’t present. The brown color makes it very natural in any outdoor space, so that it blends with trees and shrubs and doesn’t stand out more than you desire. The bird bath is relatively light for a metal design, coming in at only 28.4 pounds. The tiers are slightly oblong, with the smaller one measuring 10.25 inches by 10 inches and the larger one measuring 20 inches by 19 inches.

The overall height of the entire bird bath is 31.5 inches, so it can really make an impression if you so desire. You can feel safe and secure in your purchase as well, since the bird bath comes with a standard warranty good for 1 year to protect you from defects and other issues.

8. VIVOHOME 28 Inch Garden Bird Bath Copper

MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder

The Vivohome Polyresin Antique Outdoor Garden bird bath is charming, lightweight, and stylish with European elements that are quite striking and resonate with any design. Whether adding to your courtyard, garden, or deck, this bird bath is a great accessory to bring together other elements of design in your outdoor space. constructed from high quality, durable PP polyresin material, this bird bath is both lightweight and sturdy so you can expect it to withstand the test of time, enduring the elements and maintaining its appeal.

The resin coating keeps it water and weather resistant, holding up against denting, fracturing, and breaking. The bronze patina gives it a lovely shine and green hue that is essentially classic as well as intriguing. The base is equipped with three stakes so that you can assure it will stay upright, and it is hollow so that the weight remains low, at less than 6 pounds, while affording you the ability to fill it with denser, heavier materials. Assembly is easy, with just a couple of screws needed to mount the bowl to the base.

The bowl measures 21 inches in diameter, while the post is 4 inches in diameter, and the entire bird bath stands at 21 inches, making it a medium size addition to your lawn or garden. You can choose to fill the bowl with water or food, using it as a bird bath or bird feeder, either way catering to the needs of the neighborhood feathered friends.

9. MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder

MUMTOP 26 Inch Height Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder

The Mumtop Glass bird bath is a gorgeous piece of art as much as it is a functional product for keeping your favorite birds happy and cool during the heat of the summer. The simplistic design is easy to install, with a stainless steel base that has three prongs at the bottom to use as stakes, allowing you to steady it in the ground and assure that it never tips over in high winds. This also makes it mobile, should you decide to move it to a different location.

Whether placed in the center of a garden or in the shade under a tree, this particular bird bath adds style and color to your space, with a glass bowl in hues that are almost iridescent in the sun. You can choose from several colors for the glass, including light green, dark green, pink, purple, and red. Every part of this bird bath is weather resistant, and with regular cleanings, it will maintain its integrity and last you for years. The overall design is extremely lightweight, coming in at only 3.5 pounds. This is a small item, used as an accessory and standing 12.9 inches tall with a bowl diameter of 12.7 inches.

The Bottom Line

A bird bath is more than just what it sounds like. It’s a safe place for feathered friends to come and perch in your yard. To clean themselves and get a drink on those hot days. It’s also a great way to add décor to your backyard. So, find the one that works best for your home and get started!