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10 Best Label Maker For Organizing Your Home Needs

Are you someone that enjoys keeping things organized and labelled? If so, a label maker is a perfect addition to your home or office. With some label makers, you can even whip up some fancy designs that’ll look like they’re professionally made.

If you’re new to purchasing a label maker, we’re here to help. Below, we’ll talk about some things to consider when choosing a label maker, answer some frequently asked questions and provide you with a list of some of the best label makers. Not sure what to do with them? We’ve also rounded up some DIY ideas to get you started. 

What are the different types of label makers? 

There are two main types of label makers, the first one is a personal or handheld label maker, and the second one is a desktop label maker. Handheld label makers are some of the most popular models out there as they’re both convenient and usually come with a range of features that make for fantastic performance.

With a desktop label maker, these are usually compatible with your PC or Mac and use labelling software. While they’re not as mobile as a handheld label maker, they’re still compact and won’t take up too much space. With these label makers, they also usually print labels that are about four-inch in size. 

How to choose a label maker? 

When it comes to selecting your ideal label maker, there are a couple of features that you’d need to take into consideration: 

  1. Make sure that your label maker comes with a QWERTY keyboard as it’s a keyboard layout that you’re familiar with, and you won’t have to figure out the keys when you’re typing.
  2. If you plan on printing a sizable number of labels, you’ll also need to consider the print speed of your label maker. After all, the last thing you’d want is to sit around waiting for your labels to print because it has a slow print speed.
  3. Another thing you’d need to consider is whether or not your label maker comes with a connection. Most desktop label makers come with a USB connection, but there are also a growing range of models that have wireless functionality.
  4. If you’re using a handheld label maker that you plan on taking on the go, you’ll have to think about the power source. For your convenience, you might want to opt for a handheld label maker that comes with a rechargeable battery rather than batteries that need to be replaced frequently.
  5. Depending on what you’re using your label maker for, you might want one that can print labels that have varying thickness. If you’re okay with one size however, a basic label maker will do the trick.
  6. If you’re using your label maker for creative purposes, you’d also want to consider whether it comes with multiple fonts or a wide array of styles. Some label makers also come with plenty of symbols that you can play around with.
  7. It’s important that your label maker comes with a good display as you’d want to have a good idea of how your label looks before you go ahead and print it. While this isn’t too much of a problem for desktop label makers as you’ll be able to see your design on a computer, it’s a huge consideration for handheld label makers. Ensure that they come with LCD or graphic displays so you’ll be able to see your labels with ease.
  8. The print resolution is also vital – especially if you’re using it for work and require a professional finish. If you want a higher print resolution, a desktop label maker might be more suited for the job. On the other hand, if you’re using it for something more casual, a handheld label maker will suffice. To be sure, you can always check the dpi number of the label maker before making your purchase.
  9. Finally, you’ll have to think about the number of lines that your label maker is able to print. If you want to use your label maker to print addresses for example, you’d need one that’s able to print multiple lines. To ensure that you don’t end up purchasing the wrong model, always make sure that you’re reading through the product description and specifications thoroughly. 


Below are some answers to frequently asked questions that we’ve received about label makers. 

Where can I use a label maker?

You can use your label maker on a wide variety of items from your office folders to your tupperware containers, and even on your clothes. Some other ways that you can use your label maker include printing out your labels and sticking it on ingredients and spices so they’re easier to identify and will also make your kitchen more display-friendly. 

You can also make custom gift tags for a birthday or even print some labels on some place cards. If you’re someone that’s a stickler for organization, you can also print some labels on your binder clips. Not only will it help you remember why you’ve clipped those papers, it’ll also keep things way more organized. 

Should I buy a label maker?

If you’re on the fence when it comes to purchasing a label maker, here’s some reasons why you should definitely purchase one for your home. 

  1. They’re great for organization since you’re able to print labels and stick them on a wide variety of items from your drawers to your folders and more.
  2. They’re not difficult to use – in fact, most label makers are portable and lightweight so you can bring them with you even when you’re on the go.
  3. They’re fantastic if you’re a creative person and enjoy keeping yourself busy with DIY projects. Certain label makers come with design features that’ll allow you to express your creativity and have fun experimenting with various designs. 

How does a label maker print?

Label makers can print in two different ways – direct thermal printing and thermal transfer. With direct thermal printing, it uses heat-sensitive media so it doesn’t require ink. While it won’t smudge, the text will also fade over time. Thermal transfer on the other hand uses a heated ribbon to print and there’s ink involved. Thermal transfer labels will last longer than direct thermal printing labels. 

DIY Label Maker Ideas

Looking to create some fun DIY projects with your label maker? Below are some quick ideas to get you started: 

DIY Paper Tassel Decanter Tags

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

These colorful tags are perfect for helping you get organized. Feel free to use them on a range of items from your bar cart to any ingredients that you have at home, the tassels also add a nice little pop of colour to your tag. To make this, all you’ve got to do is print out your label and gather your supplies which mainly consists of cardstock, a knife, hobby mat, string and a glue stick. Then, you’ll cut your card and tassel, string it together and you’re good to go! 

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DIY Professional Branded Materials

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

If you’ve just started a new business, you’d definitely want to create some professionally branded materials. Something that you can make with a label maker is a professional tag that’ll match the overall brand identity of your business. You can customize with various colors and materials that’ll be sure to bring a smile to your customer’s face. 

DIY Pantry Labels

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

If you’re someone that enjoys cooking, you’ve probably got a plethora of ingredients and items in your kitchen pantry. If you’re looking to get it organized, it’s time to create some DIY pantry labels. They’re not difficult to make and you can even choose the font that you’d like and go ahead and pick the color that you prefer. You’ll feel so much better after you’ve labelled all of your items and organized it properly. 

DIY Leather Labels

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

Who says that organizing has to be boring? Have some fun with these DIY leather labels, they’ll add a touch of classiness to your overall home and will make the organization process that much more fun. Feel free to stick these leather labels on your storage baskets, ingredient bottles, and even on notebooks. It’s truly one of the best ways to upgrade a simple label and keep things organized and neat. 

DIY Clothespin Labels

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

Have you ever thought of putting labels on your clothespins? If you haven’t, now’s a good chance to give it a shot. Clothespins make excellent bookmarks and are a great way to organize your piles of documents, invoices, study notes and more. Feel free to add labels on your clothespins such as “to do”, “today”, “relevant” so you can easily prioritize what’s important to you.

DIY Spice Jar Labels

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

Finally, we’ve got some spice jar labels. There’s nothing worse than accidentally using the wrong spice for your cooking. By labelling your spice jars, you’ll no longer have that issue and will be able to whip up delicious meals with ease. You can also have fun with making your labels, customize it with different spices, pick different colours and use various fonts – the choice is yours! 

Best Label Makers To keep Your Home Organized

1. Brother P-touch
DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

Looking for a label maker that’s easy to use? This particular product will do the trick. It comes with a total of 14 fonts, 97 frames and more than 500 symbols that you can choose from. You’ll also be able to print two lines with this label maker – up to 12mm wide. It’s also easy to use as you’re able to access all your symbols and frames with ease. You can even preview your work before you print your labels so you’ll know exactly how they look like. Feel free to add a personal touch and feel free to use it on your desk or take it with you while you’re on the go. 

2. Brady BMP21-PLUS-KIT1 Printer Kit

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

This particular label maker kit comes with everything you need to print for professional use. It’s a portable label maker so you can bring it with you while you’re working, and it comes with a battery and charge along with a hard carrying case. Features of this label maker include being able to create multi-line labels, and having a backlit LCD text display for more efficient labelling. You can also print in six different text sizes and it’s made with materials that’ll provide the label maker with maximum durability. As it’s reinforced with molded rubber, you won’t have to worry about carrying your label maker in demanding environments. 

3. Portable Label Maker

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

Perfect for you to bring along with you while you’re on the go, this portable label maker is both lightweight and compact. As it has a regular QWERTY keyboard, you’ll know exactly where to press and can print out your labels with ease. Additionally, the label maker also comes with touch fast formatting keys and will print out professional labels for you every single time. If you’d like, you can also customize your labels with clip art, and it also comes with extended battery life that’ll automatically switch off when not in use. It’s a great all-round label maker to purchase and will assist you with all your needs. 

4. Brother P-touch Label Maker

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

This handy label maker has a compact design along with a large keyboard for your convenience. The display is also of incredibly high resolution and comes in full colour with a backlight so you can take a good look at your design before going ahead to print it. When it comes to creating your label, feel free to use the keyboard or plug it into your PC or Mac for added functionality. The label maker also comes with both an AC adaptor along batteries if you choose to bring this label maker with you while you’re on the go. Just in case you run into any problems, you’ll also get a two-year limited warranty with your purchase. 

5. Small Brother P-touch

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

This label maker is both lightweight and portable – perfect for bringing around with you while you’re on the go. It also comes with a familiar QWERTY keyboard and has one touch keys that’ll allow you to customize your label to your preferred design. Choose from multiple styles and fonts that you can select in accordance with your needs. You can even add a personal touch to your labels with the 250 symbols that come along with this label maker. It’s a fantastic budget-friendly label maker to purchase if you’re looking to get organize without spending a whole lot of money. 

6. DYMO Label Printer

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

If you’re looking to print multiple labels, this is a great option for your home. You can print up to 71 labels and more every single minute. No longer will you have to wait for your labels as this particular maker will get your labels printed quickly and efficiently. Since it uses direct thermal printing technology, you won’t have to purchase ink or toner. If you’d lie, you can also create labels directly on Microsoft Office and print it with your computer. It’s a great label maker to purchase if you’re looking for hassle-free operation that’s both simple and speedy. 

7. Versatile Label Maker with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

Want something that’s lightweight and versatile? This particular label maker comes in a cube design and uses Bluetooth wireless technology to print labels that have been pre-designed on your device or computer. What’s great about this label maker is that it’s compatible with multiple software applications and comes with pre-designed creative templates that you can pick from. You’ll also get everything you need upon your purchase form started tape to a built-in batter and a USB cable. This is a great label maker to get you started on crafting for your store or business and will most definitely help your products stand out. 

8. DYMO Label Maker with 3 Bonus Labeling Tapes

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

For something inexpensive, portable and lightweight, this is an excellent label maker. You can print just about whatever you want, anywhere and it comes with five font sizes, seven print styles and a total of eight box styles. To ensure that the label is customized according to your needs, you can also see the font effects on your screen before printing it. Additionally, the label maker will automatically switch off when not in use to save power. It’s an easy to use label maker that comes with a simple LCD surface for speedy label making. Feel free to create customised labels with this handy label maker that’s sure to keep you organized. 

9. DYMO COLORPOP Color Label Maker

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

If you’re looking for a label maker that comes in various colors, you’d want to go ahead and purchase this label maker. It’s both lightweight and portable, and you’re able to create custom messages – thanks to its wide array of font styles, emojis and symbols. This is a fantastic label maker to purchase if you’re looking to have some fun with your label making. It’s powered by AAA batteries and also comes with an AC adapter. To operate your label maker, all you’ve got to do is create your message, print it with the tape of your preferred style, and stick it wherever you’d like. 

10. DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

DYMO Label Maker 210D Label maker

Finally, we’ve got this label maker that’s practical and has a simple navigation. As it comes with a QWERTY keyboard, you can quickly type and edit text with ease. It also comes with a large graphical display for you to have a good look at your designs before pressing print. Since it comes with quick access buttons, you can print your labels quickly and it even comes with a storage case so you can bring your label maker with you while you’re on the go. For your convenience, this label maker even allows you to store and quickly access up to nine frequently used labels – how convenient is that? 

Bottom Line 

If you’re looking to organize your items, there’s nothing like purchasing a label maker. Not only will these nifty devices print out labels that’ll help you with organization, but you can also use it for a wide variety of DIY projects and customize the design in accordance to your needs. When it comes to selecting a label maker, make sure that you’ve got one that has the features and functionality that you require.