Beautiful kitchen with built in desk

The kitchen is design by WARENDORF. Kitchens are now the new hot topic in interior design. Combining natural wood color, brown, with a stone wall and a beautiful cabana style ceiling the kitchen gives a good vibe. In my opinion the kitchen is an all day living one. The kitchen is very spacious. You can use all of your kitchen stuff with just the right amount of space. Chairs in the kitchen have an interesting look. Very gracefully they bring a gentle touch to the place.

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The kitchen has a space where you can fit a PC or a TV if you must, so you can keep an eye onto the food that you are making. The kitchen has beautiful ovens and a freezer, incorporated in the kitchen walls.  The manufacturer from Germany brought to us a new idea of kitchen. This ‘alive kitchen’ has a beautiful counter set right in the middle so it’s more like a bar kitchen.

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This kitchen is great for the morning breakfast. Also it is great for drinking your coffee and why not make a party for you and your friends. The modern look of the kitchen is not necessarily given by the furniture. I think the white shinny floor has an extreme impact on that. The countertop is in black. On the countertop you have a rectangular place where you can cut your vegetables and not mess up the surface.