Artistic home in Cadiz by Pedro Ribeiro Pita

Designing a home with an artistic interior is not easy. On one hand it’s good that at least you have a strong point of reference but on the other hand it’s so much more complicated that usual. This home was designed by architect Pedro Ribeiro Pita and it’s located in Cadiz. It’s a simple home with a simple interior. The walls are white and so are the ceilings.

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But the fact is that those white walls serve as a blank canvas for a multitude of contemporary art pieces, mostly paintings that have been included into the design. The lines are simple and clean and the overall décor is modern and minimalist. Everything else is neutral besides the paintings. They add the touch of color that this home needs and they do it in a very stylish and artistic way.

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Every room has its own look. It each follows a theme but they are all connected. The transition is mother since the architects used sliding panels to delimitate the areas. There’s a large public area that includes a lounge, a living and a dining room. These areas have huge windows that let in natural light and also open up the room to the exterior. They also create continuity between these spaces. The white walls enhance the rich colors of the artwork. The furniture is simple, with timeless designs, classical shapes and practical details. It has been designed expressly for the home.{found on nuevo-estilo}.