Artistic apartment renovation in Paris

Renovating an apartment or a building is actually more difficult than building it from scratch. It’s a fact that can be applied to many other things in other domains as well. That’s because you have to work with something already existing, usually something that someone else has created and you have to decide what to keep and what to replace in a way that will result in a harmonious composition of old and new.

The living and dining roomsView in gallery

This apartment in located at one of the arcades at the Palais-Royal in Paris. The apartment has been recently renovated. It’s actually the living and dining room that got all the attention in the process. When the new owners moved in, some changes had to be made. The team working at this project was asked to retain as many of the apartment’s original features as possible and so they did.

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Modern aparmtnet design6View in gallery

Modern aparmtnet design6View in gallery

Ms. Sykes’ bedroomView in gallery

The second bedroom is used by her son, GeorgeView in gallery

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A lot of historical details were gathered in that apartment and they were worth preserving. We’re talking about things like cabinets and fireplaces which were eventually preserved. But in order to make the space seem modern and fresh again, some of the furniture was replaced with something simpler and more colorful while the walls have been repainted and some new details and decorations have been added. The result is a combination of artistic and historic elements that seem to be really happy together.{found on nytimes}