Artistic apartment in Portland, Oregon

This apartment belongs to Joan Hiller. She’s a music publicist and a painter and she loves to be creative. She has been living in this apartment for only one year but she already managed to turn it into her own space where she lives but also where she makes art. The apartment measures 432 square feet and it also serves as Joan’s office and painting studio.

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Since Joan is an artist, her apartment is filled with paintings. The living room looks more like a museum. Here she exposed many of her own creations along with trades and gifts from other artists. But Joan doesn’t only love painting. She has vinyl and gold record all over the place, reflecting her love for music. This apartment is like a huge treasure, a place where Joan has gathered all her precious items and that she has turned into her own space.

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Joan is not living alone in this apartment. She shares it with her turtle companion that she has for almost 13 years. His name is Sheldon and he seems to like both his owner and her creations. Joan spends a lot of time in the apartment. It’s where she works, where she paints and where she lives. That’s why she worked so hard to make it so personal and comfortable. Joan’s favorite part of the apartment is, as expected, the artwork. It’s what defines her and what she enjoys creating.{found on apartmenttherapy}.