Family Apartment With A Clear And Harmonious Two-Zone Plan

The careful planning of all the spaces included in a house or apartment is one of the most important steps. Sure, modifications can be done during a future renovation and the home would evolve with time and together with its owners. This apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel can show us this part of the transformation.

Tel Aviv apartment view of social areaView in gallery
There’s a clear division between the public and private spaces
Tel Aviv apartment living areaView in gallery
The living room has a black wall unit with a built-in TV

The apartment was redesigned in 2016 by RUST Architects, a young design studio always seeking to find the perfect combination of comfort and function, blending creativity with culture and with the reality of the specific site conditions. The apartment they designed in Tel Aviv measures 165 square meters and it’s been extended to include a new public area.

Tel Aviv apartment black wall unitView in gallery
The unit wraps around the corner linking the space to the entrance
Tel Aviv apartment dining and loungeView in gallery
The living space and dining area share the same floor plan

The family apartment now has two dividable public spaces. A large social space is connected to the kitchen, the dining area and a cozy reading space. These spaces form the social zone. The private zone includes the bedrooms and bathrooms. The two are separated by a hallway and a large wooden door with acoustic insulation.

Tel Aviv apartment kitchen bar
The kitchen is open as well, featuring a small corner bar
Tel Aviv apartment kitchen pendantView in gallery
Industrial pendant lamps complement the kitchen counter
Tel Aviv apartment kitchen shelfView in gallery
All the furniture in the apartment is custom made

One of the spaces is multifunctional. It could function either as a family room, as a recreational space for the kids but also as a home office or library. It has a small workspace with a shelf desk and two chairs and a small and comfortable sofa.

Tel Aviv apartment hallwayView in gallery
The palette of materials and colors used throughout is diverse
Tel Aviv apartment custom furnitureView in gallery
The private spaces form a separate zone along a hallway

All the furniture in the apartment is custom made. This means it’s been perfectly adapted to the space and to the needs of the clients. One of the most notable features is the black unit in the living room. It conceals all the media equipment and it also continues around the corner integrating a storage unit for the entrance.

Tel Aviv apartment white brick wallView in gallery
One of the rooms could serve as a home office but also as a children’s room
Tel Aviv apartment workspaceView in gallery
A small corner area features a wall-mounted shelf desk

Everything else is custom-made as well. This includes the furniture in the dining room, the kitchen, the divider between the two spaces as well as the minimalist workspace area you see here.

Tel Aviv apartment bedroom wallView in gallery
Strategically positioned windows and openings bring light into the spaces
Tel Aviv apartment bathroom interiorView in gallery
The bathroom is bright and open thanks to the color palette and windows

In the case of the open floor plan spaces, the functions are not differentiated through walls or dividers. Instead, the designers used a palette of diverse materials and colors to ensure that. Also, the materials and colors were strategically chosne for each type of space.

Tel Aviv apartment bathroom vanityView in gallery
Although the vanity is large enough for two sinks, only one was placed at its center
Tel Aviv apartment bathroom doorView in gallery
The bathroom door is unusually narrow