Spacious Apartment Gets A Sustainable And Luxurious Update

An apartment like this one, with a total surface of 114 square meters, offers lots of possibilities in terms of interior décor and layout. It’s definitely an incredible property and it has undergone a major renovation. The whole space was refurbished and reorganized and it now includes numerous unique features such as that cool motorbike in the living room for example.

Impressive refurbishment apartment livingView in gallery

Impressive refurbishment apartmentView in gallery

The flat was re-built and refurbished by its current owner in collaboration with Michaelis Boys Associates. The goal was to create a fully sustainable and environmentally-friendly home using natural and locally-sourced materials and products. Notice the exposed brick walls which give the space a rough but healthy look.

Impressive refurbishment apartment exposed wall bricksView in gallery

The makeover introduced a series of modern features which are balanced out by rustic and industrial elements such as the brick walls, the fireplace and the wooden floors. The flat has a large reception area which includes the living room and this cozy dining space.

Impressive refurbishment apartment dining room coffee table same shapeView in gallery

The interior décor is very peaceful and inviting throughout. Th textures, materials and colors were beautifully chosen to reflect the owner’s vision for a healthy and Eco-friendly living environment. The wood floors, the walls and the custom furniture create a warm ambiance and the fact that the large windows let it all that natural light helps emphasize the beauty of the space.

Impressive refurbishment apartment industrial lighting fixture over tableView in gallery

The open plan reception area includes this gorgeous original fireplace which occupies one corner of the space. It’s one of the focal points in the room and it reflects the rustic side of the décor.

Impressive refurbishment apartment bedroomView in gallery

The bedroom is the second largest room in the apartment. It too features a combination of old and new elements. The bed has a design similar to the furniture used in the living room in terms of shape, angles and material. This creates cohesion between the spaces.

Impressive refurbishment apartment bathroom with transparent wallsView in gallery

There’s an en-suite bathroom which has transparent glass walls. It’s like a glass-encased box and, because of that, it doesn’t seem to occupy a lot of space, maintaining an open and airy look in the room.

Impressive refurbishment apartment bathtubView in gallery

Although it may seem tiny, the bathroom has plenty of space for a tub and all the other amenities. You can see how the brick walls become part of all the rooms in the apartment, including this intimate corner.

Impressive refurbishment apartment kitchenView in gallery

The reception area and the bedroom are separated by this spacious kitchen. It sits in between the two rooms and it’s also in between styles. The sink, stove and all the other similar features have a modern vibe but are placed in an industrial-looking space with rustic charm.{found on site}.