Add Character To Your Kitchen With Industrial Pendant Lights

The industrial style has well-defined lines and characteristics which don’t always suit a comfortable and inviting home. However, some influences from this style can be sometimes a great addition to a décor. for example, you could have industrial-style pendant light in the kitchen. It’s an option that suits this space particularly well because of its functionality.

Industrial kitchen
These simple black and white pendant lamps complement the décor perfectly

The kitchen is a space that’s meant to be functional and not necessarily comfortable, although things have changed lately and this space has become a social area. So this type of lighting could suit the kitchen, especially if there are also other elements that follow the same style such as bar stools or chairs for example.

Industrial kitchen stool
The rough finish of the pendant lights suits this eclectic kitchen well
Industrail kitchen design
A nice combination of exposed brick and industrial pendant lights
Black kitchen island
The finish on these industrial pendant lamps makes them stand out

Industrial-style pendant lights can complement any type of kitchen décor. for example, in a simple black and white kitchen, such a pendant lamp could be a quite chic addition. In kitchens with more traditional interior designs, industrial lighting can introduce simple but visually interesting focal points.

Industrail kitchen design1
These simple and chic pendant lights blend in beautifully in this traditional décor
Stainless kitchen design
An eclectic kitchen featuring modern appliances and industrial-style lighting
White kitchen design
This type of pendant lamps usually looks best in traditional decors
Industrial kitchen bar stool
In this case, the pendant lamps match the barstools
Pendant light over island
Such hanging pendant lamps are suitable for kitchens with high ceilings
Cowhide kitchen floor
Industrial-style fixtures can also look great in modern and contemporary spaces

Industrial-style lighting is most often made of metal. It has simple forms and the finish and color may differ, although usually it’s either the natural shade of the metal or something simple and neutral such as black or white. Although they can be elegant, these light fixtures tend to have a rough look and their designs focus mostly on functionality and simplicity.

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