A Cool Small Apartment With A Smart And Unique Design

We’ve seen many small apartments by now by we can definitely say that none of them could even be compared to this one. This is a 60 square meter apartment known as the “Transformer Apartment”. It features a very unusual and very smart interior design. It’s basically just a one-bedroom space but it has a very flexible design. It’s organized around a wall. Well, nothing impressive so far. But what you don’t know yet is that this wall moves and this way it allows the space to be transformed.

Transformer Apartment

The wall hides a recessed kitchen with a simple décor and stainless steel fixtures. It also reveals a built-in entertainment area. This space has a flat screen TV and multimedia storage and you can access it from the kitchen, living and dining area or from the bedroom. It’s because of its unique ability to rotate on its axis.

Transformer Apartment1

Transformer Apartment2

Transformer Apartment3

Transformer Apartment4

Transformer Apartment5

The wall has a very unusual look. The opaque metal frame contrasts with the plywood and the sharp angles give it a very curious look. The apartment also has a bedroom. It’s more like a nook. It has built-in storage and it’s decorated with white and yellow shades. The interior design of this apartment is indeed very interesting and unusual.

Transformer Apartment6

Transformer Apartment7

Transformer Apartment8

Transformer Apartment9

The flexible and rotating walls offer great flexibility and they also give the space a modern and unique look. It’s definitely a wonderful solution for small spaces. Fixed walls only make a space seem smaller because they fragment it. In this case, however, nothing is permanent and the space is full of hidden or concealed surprises.{found on coroflot}.