A very chic apartment in Vasatan featuring a black and white décor

It’s very difficult to find the perfect apartment, especially when you prefer a balance between styles. Most of the time, it’s just on style or one influence prevailing. However, if you’re lucky, you’ll find something like this. This is a very beautiful and very chic apartment located in Vasatan, in Stockholm. It’s a very beautiful and attractive area and the interior design of this apartment definitely doesn’t let it down.

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The style chosen for the interior design of this apartment is a sort of mix of contemporary and traditional features. On one hand, there’s this overall simple look defined by a restraint color palette, strong contrasts and brightness. On the other hand, there are some very nice features such as the fireplace or the moldings which add charm to the interior décor and give it a little traditional charm. The overall décor is elegant and beautiful but without being opulent or overwhelming.

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The apartment features two bedrooms, a kitchen, a very large dining area and a spacious living room. It has been well designed and structured and it has high ceilings that make the rooms seem even larger and that also give them a more dramatic feel. The moldings are also a nice detail. The apartment also has a lovely balcony overlooking an open courtyard. The atmosphere in this area is very quiet, tranquil and pleasant, making this place a wonderful home.