7 Quick Breakfast Nook Decorating Tips

No matter what type of style you decide to go in, your breakfast nook should always be cozy and inviting. Remember, a nook is just that. It’s a nook. Meaning, you’ve got to utilize the small space. You don’t necessarily have to make it bigger just enhance its quaintness.

Breakfast nooks are for reading the Sunday paper, have a romantic dinner for two, watching your kids play out in the backyard as you enjoy your fresh cup of coffee or for your teenage who just wants to curl up with a favorite book and spend the afternoon nestled away from the rest of the house.

Take these tips and put them to good use. In no time, you’ll have a breakfast nook everyone will enjoy.

1. Let in every bit of natural light.

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Isn’t it beautiful? Wouldn’t you love to enjoy your breakfast with all the wonderful, sunny rays just pouring in from outside? Open up the windows and enjoy the sunrises and evening skies. Yes, it adds some space to the smaller area but it also creates a welcoming atmosphere.

2. Don’t be afraid of color.

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A breakfast nook is a cheerful spot! Don’t be afraid to mix and match plenty of vibrant and fun colors. Use pillows with different fun hues to keep it casual and playful … and cozy of course! The right color scheme will only enhance what you’ve already got.

3. Pay attention to the floor.

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Rugs matter. Using something with so much detail and surprise like this rug will definitely make the nook pop! And everyone will want a part of the spot. Choose a rug to keep the floor from scratches and to pump up the style and decor.

4. Fresh flowers are always pretty.

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What’s more welcoming than a beautiful vase of fresh flowers? Use as many as you want and remember that flowers bring in natural beauty to any home.

5. Different seats are cool.

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Using different types of seating is a fun way to keep the nook causal and cozy. Use a couple regular kitchen table chairs and through in a comfy love chair to cushioned bay window seat. And benches give more room for more people to enjoy the space!

6. Simple is never wrong.

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If you have amazing windows, you may want to just keep it simple. And that’s okay! Using a wonderful, dainty set of table and chairs won’t take away from your wonderful view.

7. Whimsical curtains add romance.

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We suggest not to take away your windows but adding whimsical sheer curtains adds romance. They’re flirtatious and extremely pretty if you add the right ones! It adds movement to the space and an incredibly warm ethos.