6 Ways To Decorate With Mini Christmas Trees

What’s more Christmas-like than a Christmas tree? It’s the quintessential symbol of the season.  You can’t celebrate the holiday without one! But besides the big tree we adorn with ornaments and hide all the presents under, we can also use this symbol of Christmas to decorate for the season. In the kitchen, bedroom or even in the hallway, there are other ways to use these trees to make the house more festive!

1. A little greenery at the back door.

Wall art tree small

Decorating little spaces like at the entryways of the house is fun and completely festive. The greenery brightens up wintery days and becomes playful little pieces of the house. Sprinkle presents under these small trees or just add some pretty glass ornaments. These are great ways to have the kids decorate personalized trees too!

2. Some evergreen to the kitchen.

Wall art tree small

Use this as inspiration and don’t forget your holiday festivities in the kitchen. Use pots to play mini trees and sprinkle them with glitter, then place them on the windowsill. Or use vases as their base. Fresh plants are always great for the kitchen. It adds more life and cheerfulness to the space. So these beautiful branches and mini trees add extra Christmas cheer!

3. Centerpieces at dinner.

Wall art tree small

Whether they’re green, white and frosted or tinsel, mini tree centerpieces work too. It’s Christmas after all. So why not dress the table and celebrate as such. Incorporate your centerpiece into the rest of your Christmas decor. Are you going with a frosty, snowy theme or something more playful and colorful?

4. Hanging out on the mantle.

Wall art tree small

Add some coned trees to the mantle and create a foresty effect. Glitter, colored or completely neutrals. It’s a great way to spruce up the mantle and add some extra oomph to all your holiday decor! Go all out and just line a bunch up over the fireplace, it’ll be like your own mini Christmas tree farm, but a lot more stylish.

5. Fun in the home office.

Wall art tree small

Don’t forget your home office either when your spreading around some festive decor. You can even do something subtle using a Christmas tree decal or create one out of colored tape. Big or small, it’s just a nice little touch to your work space. Just make sure you use something that won’t hurt the paint on the wall.

6. Unsuspecting places.

Wall art tree small

Add little trees to unsuspecting places. Like in your glass china cabinet. on the bookcase or even on a DIY wreath you’ve created. These winter trees create such a homey, cozy feeling it’s only natural that you use them around the house to enhance the spirit of the holidays.