5 Valentine’s Day Party Decor Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to express your love for your family and friends. But, it’s also a great opportunity to get a little creative around the house too. When February 14th rolls around, try decorating the house with some festive decor. Plan on having a dinner party or a Valentine’s day exchange but you can’t skimp out on the decor. Take at look at some fun and easy ways to adorn your house with a bit of a Cupid flair!

1. Bring out the DIY art.

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After all those years of trying out different DIY tutorials and creating some funky pieces of art, it’s time to bring them out. When else are you going to use all those heart collages and red mod podged frames? Bring them all out and sprinkle them around the house to start creating that festive feel.

2. String up some garland and banners.

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Line the windowsills, hallway door frames or outline the top of the buffet table. Use some handmade (or bought) heart garland to spruce up some corners. You can even go a bit out-of-the-box and use some not-so-typical Valentine’s day colors so your holiday decor seems more subtle than overdone.

3. Think about the place settings.

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Create something playful, flirty and elaborate for the table! Lots of flowers and bright pops of color will give the room a holiday party vibe. Mix in some of your everyday items so you don’t have to put too much work into a relaxed night, but definitely grab some of your more colorful plates and napkins too. Red and pink are obvious options! And bring in some black for some classy look.

4. Be subtle.

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A Valentine’s Day dinner isn’t like throwing a birthday party. You don’t have to go overboard with streamers and balloons. Instead, you can get super creative and stay away from any cliches. Do something like adding a decal to a small decorative mirror. When your guests get close, they’ll have a nice little message waiting for them. Or, place a can of blush flowers in the corner chair for a nice surprise.

5. Scatter some petals.

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Tear of some pretty petals and use them as table confetti … on every table. At the dinner table, every side table and even on the mantle. The pop of color brings in that Valentine’s Day look and the aroma of the florals will just take everything over the top. You can even create some heart shapes on the bay window or kitchen counter. Then there’s always taking some roses and making a centerpiece heart out of it too.

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