Tips to Move Out of Your Apartment Successfully

If you have to move out of your apartment be prepared for a stressful time! What with making sure everything is packed properly, especially your precious beer mugs or equally precious whatnots, dealing with the landlord and of course finding the lease agreement that does not want to be found, let it suffice to say you are in for a rough ride.

That said having to move out of your apartment and into another or even your own property need not be the daunting task one envisions it to be. Reading this article will enlighten you about the things you need to take care of at the old apartment before you make your final move and hand over the keys.

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With a clear picture in your mind as to the steps you need to take to successfully move out of your apartment, the move could very well work like a charm.

Make a list: this is really the most important step when planning to move out of your apartment. You have to consider several things like giving notice of your intent to move, calling the packers and movers to get quotes, packing away the things you consider precious enough to move by yourself. List security deposit, cleaning the apartment, final walk through and handing over the keys tog et you started.

On another page make a note of everything you need to do with regard to your new apartment, keys, security deposit receipt, gas, water, electricity connections, plumbing, appliances and take photographs of the empty place before you move in.

The lease: you should have a copy of your lease agreement ready to review the details of the rental agreement. Rule of thumb, leave the apartment exactly as you found it when you rented it. Make sure there are no holes in the walls where you hung things or cabinet doors coming off their hinges in the kitchen. Simple things that a little plaster or screwdrivers and some effort can fix. If you don’t take care of these things your landlord is going to deduct as much as possible from the security deposit.

What have you left behind? In the rush of getting everything packed and overseeing a million things related to the move, it is very easy to miss out on packing at least one or two items.  It is always best to do a walk through the entire apartment from attic to basement as it were to make sure you have not left anything behind. Remember, if you move out of your apartment to a different city, you will not have another chance to pick up stuff you leave behind.

It is always a good idea to involve the landlord in a walk through the apartment a few days before you actually hand over the keys. Let the landlord point out anything that he/she feels needs to be repaired or painted over. If you were wise enough to take pictures of the apartment before you moved in, great! You just need to compare the pictures and make sure you are not being fleeced.

Don’t forget the pictures of the new apartment – nothing like visual proof to get your landlord to return your security deposit when the time comes!