Kitchen interior color ideas

What would be a good color to use for a kitchen, is a matter of personal taste, but in order to gain real effect, color combinations are king, and will work miracles. In this case the combination or orange, with metallic silver overtones. While silver is dominating, to achieve the stylish look and adds the touch of class, the orange, that definitely is present, ads the cheer of summer to the kitchen, resulting in a unique looking kitchen, that is modern, cheerful, yet stylish.

This result can be obtained in many ways, as there are several varieties to the theme, where both colors support each other for the purpose they were used.

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View in gallery

In most cases silver would dominate over the Orange, but the opposite may also be an interesting suggestion. The possibilities are endless, and your own imagination is the limit.

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Posted in Kitchen on June 3, 2010

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One Response to “Kitchen interior color ideas”

  • John Batt says:

    I love how bright these are! I think that I would possible incorporate a little more white in the first picture to balance out the orange, but I definitely love the boldness!