Different types of door knobs

Though door knobs are essential hardware pieces and used in and out throughout our house, most of us take it for granted until we require new ones. Frankly speaking, hardly of us must be aware of the fact that there are actually several types of door knobs.

There are basically four types of doorknobs, with each category relating to a specific purpose. Some are used for the functional purpose, some are merely decorative pieces, whereas many are employed for the purpose of security.  The four types of knobs are passage knobs, dummy knobs, keyed entrance knobs and privacy knobs.

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Passage knobs

Passage knobs are same as their name implies. They are also known as hall knobs or closet knobs. A passage can be obtained without the use of key. Generally, these knobs do not lock on either sides of the door. Hence, these door knobs are ideal for children bedrooms and playrooms, or spaces that need not be locked unnecessarily such as the store room.

Dummy knobs

Dummy knobs are named so because they are truly used for the purpose of decoration and design. Dummy knob do not turn or latch, and are employed for the purpose of aesthetics. Generally, these knobs are installed at places, where two doors are closed side by side, for example, inactive doors such that of cupboards and wardrobes. However, installation of door knobs is very much necessary as they give way for a balanced look.

Keyed entrance knobs

Keyed knobs are exactly what are implied by their name. These knobs require a key for the door to be unlocked from outside. They are commonly used on the exterior doors. Some house owners even prefer installing entrance knobs on their bedroom doors and terrace doors. In certain cases, identical style of doorknobs can be used throughout the house or building, thereby allowing the owner to asses all the locks with a single key. On the other hand, individual keyed entrance knobs are available with separate keys.

Privacy knobs

As the name sounds, private knobs are employed for the aim of privacy. These knobs do not allow access from outside. These knobs can be locked and unlocked from inside only, and thereby are ideal for spaces that need to be kept private such as bathrooms, shower room, bedroom, guest room, locker room and other spaces of the house, which need to be kept private.

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