Wood Fireplace Mantels – A Cozy Focal Point Element For The Living Room

A fireplace, no matter what type or design, will always be a focal point in the room. Fireplaces usually have a mantel which is basically a shelf. Originally, the mantel had the role of catching the smoke but it later became a decorative piece and doesn’t necessarily define the shelf above the fireplace but also the framework around it and can also include elaborate designs extending to the ceiling.


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The fireplace mantel is painted a different color to stand out more

by Eric Rorer Photgraphy

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Traditional mantel with a simple design and elegant molding

by Tuscan Blue Design

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More intricate designs can also be created in order to make the mantel more interesting

by Phillip Mueller

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The white fireplace mantel has a simple design and can also look nice in modern decors

by Christopher Burns


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Rustic family home featuring a big fireplace with relciamed wood mantelpiece

by Cherie Cordellos

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In more modern decors, the mantelpiece is just a shelf above the fireplace

by Rachel Boling Photography

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The reclaimed wood mantel look great on the white background

by Chipper Hatter

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The combination of wood and stone on the fireplace is very beautiful

by Kristin Petro

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This wood mantelpiece extends on the side and continues as a long shelf

by Fiorella Design

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Traditional dining room with a charming chandelier and a reclaimed wood mantel to complete the decorative

by Matt Moran

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In modern decors, salvaged wood accent pieces usually have organic designs and shapes

by Greg Premru Photography

Reclaimed wood accent details and interior décor elements are quite versatile. For example, a reclaimed wood fireplace mantel can look very beautiful in a rustic décor but also in a breezy beach house interior or in a contemporary apartment.


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In this case, two logs were used on the sides of the fireplace

by Thearrow shop

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The log mantelpiece looks great here considering the ceiling beams

by Bess Jones Interiors

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Log fireplace mantels are wonderful in rustic homes and winter retreats

by Sitkalog Homes

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Rustic family room featuring a laquered log displayed above the fireplace

by L.A. Design

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The log will integrate better on a fireplace made of stone or other similar materials

by Whitney Lyons

Using wood logs to create fireplace mantels is a very interesting idea. The logs can be used either to create a frame around the fireplace or as suspended shelves, in which case they’ll have a strong impact on the décor and will stand out with their organic designs.