Charming Winter Chalet In One Of The Oldest Ski Areas In The Italian Alps

The Alps have given us lots of inspiration and beautiful resorts and chalets and today we’re going to focus on a small but special retreat. This small cottage is located in the mountains, near the border with France. It was designed by Tanja Haug and it was built using natural materials such as wood and stone.

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The exterior looks simple enough to go unnoticed, although, it’s hard to ignore the chalet at night when it glows in the darkness and becomes almost magical. Inside, the design is rustic.

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The living room features a leather sofa with an aged patina and matching chairs. They are arranged around a stone wood-burning fireplace and the space feels very cozy and inviting. The coffee table is also beautiful. It has a stump as a base and it complements the décor beautifully, especially considering those exposed wooden beams on the ceiling.

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The dining room is connected to the living area and it has a very similar design. Natural materials like wood and stone were used throughout and this gives the chalet a very charming and cozy appearance and it also allows it to have a very cohesive décor. Such an interior design can often feel dark and enclosed but, in this case, the large windows provide plenty of natural light and the rooms are bright and airy.{found on elle}.