Lovely Crafts For A Perfect Valentine’s Day Decor

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate love by offering gifts and doing nice gestures for those we cherish the most. Every year we try to find a special way to show our love and it’s never too early to come up with a great idea. Since there’s still some time left until then, we thought we’d share with you a few cute crafts you might like to try this year. Maybe some of the projects will inspire you to decorate your home for the occasion or to make a unique gift for the one you love.

DIY Burlap and Felt Valentine’s Day BannerView in gallery

If you have a fireplace perhaps you’d like to decorate the mantel with a cute Valentine’s Day banner. You can also display it under a shelf or on a door. Actually, just be creative with it. You can check out our tutorial to find out how to put the banner together. You’ll only need some burlap, acrylic paint, some twine, a hot glue gun, a foam pouncer and a few decorations.

Heart Wall Art for Valentine’s DayView in gallery

Decorate one of the walls with a temporary ornament that symbolizes love. What could be more suggestive than the classical heart shape? You can make a chic heart-shaped wall decoration using a piece of thick wire, thick red wool and a piece of string which you’ll be using to hang the heart on the wall. It’s all really simple. Bend the wire in the shape of a heart and then wrap the wool around it.

DIY Sequin XOXO LettersView in gallery

Add a bit of sparkle and glamour to your Valentine’s Day decor with some sequin XOXO letters which you can make out of simple paper mache letters. You’ll be needing a hot glue gun and gold sequin trim. You can probably guess what this is all about. Basically you take the trim and you wrap it all around the letters, securing it in place with glue as you go.

Valentine’s Day Flower Wall ArtView in gallery

Here’s something else you can decorate a wall with on Valentine’s Day: a flower bouquet. That’s right, these are real flowers taped to a wall in the shape of a heart. Doesn’t it look beautiful and romantic? To make flower wall art of this type you need a variety of flowers and greens, scissors, painter’s tape and decorative washi tape. If you want you can also use faux flowers. They’ll last longer and you can even leave them on the wall once Valentine’s Day is over.

DIY Heart Stamped Pillow CoverView in gallery

Some of the ideas are actually inspiring not just for Valentine’s Day but in general. For instance, a heart-stamped pillowcase would look cute all year round. To make one you need a piece of fabric in a simple, solid color, a sewing machine, fabric paint (red and white in this particular case) and a paint brush. If you don’t want to actually make the cover from scratch just use one that’s simple, with no pattern on it.

DIY Heart Stitched BasketView in gallery

Does a woven basket sound like something your special Valentine would like to receive as a gift? If the answer is yes we can show you how to decorate the basket with a heart-stitched pattern to make it really special. You’ll only need a little bit of thick yarn (preferably red), a yarn needle and a piece of paper. Trace the heart on paper and cut out the shape so you can use it as a template, then stitch around it.

DIY Embroidered MapView in gallery

You can also show your love on Valentine’s Day with crafts that are a bit less cliche, like this embroidered map. You could do this for someone you shared a great vacation with in the past and if you’re planning one in the future. First you’ll need a map and a frame. You can print out a map that fits the frame, put it in and decorate it with embroidery floss and a sharp needle.

DIY Mason Jar VotivesView in gallery

Planning a romantic dinner? Maybe you could set the mood with these mason jar votives. They’re easy to make and you can reuse them on other occasions as well. You can repurpose any empty jar. Just clean it and then apply a few coats of copper spray paint. If you want you can also use tape to create a pattern or a special design on the jar. Put in a candle or LED lights.

Cross Stitch My Heart & Hope to DIYView in gallery

We also found a cute idea for a craft on sadieseasongoods. The suggestion here is to decorate pressed cane webbing mats with chunky yarn and to create a colorful cross stitch heart. You can alternate pink and red yarn or you can create your own custom combination of colors. The mat is just an idea. You can also decorate the backs of chairs or a woven basket and the design doesn’t necessarily have to be a heart.

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath TutorialView in gallery

A heart-shaped wreath like the one we found on aspenjay is a pretty simple project with nice results. You can hang the wreath on the front door or you can offer it as a gift on Valentine’s Day. You can make the wreath form out of cardboard and you can decorate it with tissue paper in any colors you want. There’s really no need for ornaments but you can definitely add some if you want.

Valentines day Wine BagView in gallery

Need a cute way to wrap your Valentine’s Day gift or that nice bottle of wine you’re saving for this occasion? Make a linen bag and use some iron-on transfer and the template used on modishandmain to give it a special and festive look. You can buy the bag or make it yourself out of some simple linen jute fabric.

Red wreath for Valentines DayView in gallery

Wreaths are incredible versatile. You can pretty much make one for any occasion, including Valentine’s Day. Check out this heart-shaped one featured on bloominghomestead. Doesn’t it look lovely? The red roses are a nice touch but you can use different flowers if you prefer something else. The tricky part will be finding a heart-shaped twig wreath. Of course, you can make one from scratch if you want. Then comes the fun part: gluing all the flowers on.

Valentines day mantel decorView in gallery

Something as simple as some cute patterned heart printables can turn out to be all the inspiration you need to create a love-themed Valentine’s Day decor. You could frame the hearts and display them on a wall or you could make some custom wrapping paper with them. In any case, you should check out tatertotsandjello. There’s an idea here which we really like.

Gold leaf pillowView in gallery

Gifts that come in pairs and complete each other are quite popular on Valentine’s Day. You could actually make something special yourself. There’s an idea on tatertotsandjello that you might like. The tutorial shows you how to make two pillows, each with half of a heart sewed on it. When they’re together, they reveal the big picture.

Water color wall art heartView in gallery

Framed gold water color artView in gallery

Valentine’s Day is all about love and about showing someone how much you care about them. Handmade gifts make that. quite easy and the great thing about them is that they don’t have to be complicated. Even something as simple as a watercolored heart in a nice frame can send the right message. {found on persialou}

Pom pom heartView in gallery

These cute wire hearts that we found on hawthorneandmain are also pretty easy to put together.  It’s just a matter of bending some wire and then gluing some pom-pom trim or ribbon on it. You could also make tiny garlands or banners. In fact, think of this as a source of inspiration, the spark that lights up the basket full of original and ingenious ideas. Come up with your own.

Table centerpiece decorated for Valentines DayView in gallery

A little bit of wire goes a long way, as shown by this little project featured on landeeseelandeedo. All you need to make these cute little wire heart picks is some 12 or 16 gauge wire, wire cutters, pliers and a pencil. They’re not designed to serve a specific purpose although they look really nice in this planter.

Valentines day mantel decor DIYView in gallery

There’s a lot you can do to make a mantel look beautiful on Valentine’s Day. We came across a few cool ideas while browsing myblessedlife. One of the suggestions is to make a cute topiary using styrofoam balls and a bunch of cupcake liners. Other cute crafts include chalkboard mason jars which can be used as vases and ruffles satin hearts which can be displayed in frames.

Decorating a mantel for valentines dayView in gallery

When you think about it, decorating the fireplace mantel makes a lot of sense. You do it on Christmas so why not on Valentine’s Day too? You could put together a few cute things for the occasion, such as some lanterns or candles, maybe some framed pictures, a wreath and some soft heart-shaped pillows for a bit of textural contrast. You can find a few of these ideas and a bunch of others on orientaltrading.

Mantel decor for Valentines DayView in gallery

Another nice source of inspiration regarding the Valentine’s Day mantel ornaments come from thecraftingchicks. A cute xoxo garland, a pair of candlestick topiaries, a little heart-shaped wreath and a framed gold foil heart are displayed here as a group. Interestingly-enough, the mantel doesn’t look cluttered at all.

Reclaimed wood mantel framed heartView in gallery

An interesting idea is to take this opportunity to also recycle or repurpose a few things. For instance, you could reclaim an old picture frame. Sand it down and apply a fresh coat of paint. After this, you can also use some scrap pieces of wood to make a lovely heart ornament. On remodelandolacasa you can also see some cute hearts made out of wooden beads and a garland made of fabric hearts.

Mantel for Valentines DayView in gallery

As proven by craftaholicsanonymous, you can’t go wrong with a tassel garland. Use it to decorate the fireplace mantel and while you’re at it put up a cute little twig wreath as well. A few tiny vases each with a rose in it can complete the decor. Feel free to add other lovely decorations as well or to customize the ones we just described.

Our Sitting Room Valentine MantelView in gallery

Dedicate the fireplace mantel to love and make it look charming without adding too many ornaments and or using too many colors. Let’s say that normally you keep a mirror and a pair of simple flower vases on the mantel. On Valentine’s Day you can just hang a heart-shaped wreath on the mirror and add a banner or a themed garland. A few candle could look nice too in this context. {found on adventuresindecorating1.

Chalkboard Valentines Day FramedView in gallery

Don’t complicate things more than you have to. Just work with what you have and crafts mantel ornaments that are easy to make and nice to look at. For instance, make a heart garland. You can use pretty much anything, including paper. You could also make a simple ribbon bow and perhaps also some letter decorations. Take some cardboard or wood letters (x and o) and wrap them in fabric or paper to make them pretty. Find more inspiration on positivelysplendid.

Valentines Day mantel DecorView in gallery

If you have some leftover wood from other projects, you could make this hugs and kisses mantel piece for Valentine’s Day. The project is featured on landeeseelandeedo. You need a round piece of wood and two regular boards, some dark wood stain, craft paint, a bit of vaseline (if you like the worn, chippy look), some painter’s tape, sandpaper and a sponge brush.

Simple wood valentines day decor from woodView in gallery

How about a rustic mantel decor? You could put up some candles, some greenery, framed pictures and the centerpiece could be a wooden sign like the one shown on designdazzle. That tin heart is pretty cool too and we also like the way that vintage clock looks in this context.

Window Frame Valentines DayView in gallery

We learned from myblessedlife that you can repurpose pretty much anything, even an old window frame or a ceiling tile. Here are these two items turned into beautiful Valentine’s Day ornaments for the fireplace mantel. Don’t they look cute and elegant? And there’s that topiary made of cupcake liners again.

Colorful fireplace mantel decor for Valentines DayView in gallery

Put those scraps of felt and wrapping paper to good use and make some lovely Valentine’s day decorations out of them. You could cover a styrofoam ball in felt and make it look like a flower and you could cut out some colorful paper hearts and display them in an old frame. Check out some of the other cool ideas featured on positivelysplendid to find out what else you can use in your projects.

How to decorate a fireplace mantel for Valentines dayView in gallery

How about a Valentine’s Day garland made out of playing cards? It’s a really easy project. The cards already have the right shape and size and all you have to do is punch some holes in them so you can then run some twine or ribbon through them. Only use the hearts if you want to make this a Valentine’s Day themed decoration. The idea comes from happinesshomemade.

Decorate the wall with mini heart flowers wreathView in gallery

How cute are these floral hearts? They’d make perfect decorations for Valentine’s Day and you can even offer them as gifts. The really cool thing about them however is that they’re really easy and also pretty fun to make. All you need is a grapevine wreath form and some cheap artificial flowers. You can mix and match different types of flowers of different sizes or colors to create funky designs. {found on designimprovised}

Dinig room framed big heart rosesView in gallery

In case you’d prefer something bigger like a wall decoration which you could put up on a wall in the dining room to create a romantic backdrop, we have an idea for that too. We found this cool project on littlepeanutmag. To craft your own heart backdrop you’ll need wood poles for the frame (or an existing frame), some chicken wire, a nail gun and a bunch of red paper napkins.

Mason jar crafts for valentines dayView in gallery

Repurposing an empty jar into a vase or a votive is one of the easiest things you can do. For Valentine’s Day, you could turn some jars into glitter votives. Start with a clean and dry jar with no labels on it. Cut out a heart out of tape and stick it to the jar, then paint the whole jar (on the outside). Remove the tape and then apply mod podge on the painted surface and sprinkle glitter on it. {found on masonjarcraftslove}

Blooming Monogram DIYView in gallery

Another stylish thing you can craft for Valentine’s Day or just any other day when you feel like doing something beautiful is this monogram ornament that was featured on lulus. It all starts with a paper mache letter. Take an x-acto knife and cut off the top of the letter and remove the cardboard filling. Then spray paint the interior, let it dry and prepare the flowers. Cut off the stems, apply a bit of glue on the bottom of each flower and then place it in the letter. Repeat until you fill the letter with flowers.

DIY String HeartView in gallery

Let’s not forget about string art. Obviously there are a lot of cool ideas you could find on this subject but let’s check out something simple and classic: a heart. Basically you just need a board or a piece of wood and a bunch of small nails. Hammer the nails into the board and create the outline of a heart. You can use a paper template as a guide. Then have fun with the string. Check out greenweddingshoes for more details.

Valentines Scrabble Tile CoastersView in gallery

Wondering what else you could craft for Valentine’s Day? Well, how about some custom coasters? You could make four coasters that spell out “love” and the whole project would only take a few minutes. You can find all the details for this project on blueistyleblog. You can make them look like scrabble tiles. It seems pretty fun.

Sweater Heart PillowsView in gallery

Making a heart-shaped pillow is not as difficult as you’d think. First, cut out a heart out of poster board and use it as a stencil. Take an old sweater, turn it inside out and trace the heart on it. Cut out the heart, then pin the edges and sew the two pieces together. Don’t forget to stuff the pillow before you sew the last section. {found on eighteen25}