DIY Valentines Day Cards for Your Husband, Your Mom and Everyone Else

Valentines Day is one of those opportunities where you have multiple classic options for gifts. A teddy bear, a bouquet of roses, a heart shaped box of chocolates. But while gift giving can be nice, sometimes words are just more appropriate. Chocolates are eaten, roses fade, but a glittery card with heartfelt words written along the inside lasts forever. You’ll get brownie points too if you make the card yourself. Take a peek at these 16 DIY Valentines Day cards and choose which would be best for each loved one in your life.

DIY glittery valentineView in gallery

I mentioned glitter so let’s start there! This heart cut-out card is so sparkly yet so simple. Don’t be surprised if you find it in a frame by your loved one’s bed. (via Say Yes)

DIY valentine cookie cardView in gallery

Don’t have time to make heart cookies this year? Use some clay and caulk to make some Valentine postcards that will look disturbingly like cookies. A perfect gift for the dieter in your life. (via She Knows)

DIY waffle animal cardView in gallery

Kids love personalized anything. So make up a card for your kids, nieces, nephews, and best friend’s child that features a pet like the one they have at home. They’ll have such fun with a cat or dog that stretches. (via Waffle Flower)

DIY string art cardView in gallery

With all the wall hangings and string art and macrame plant hangers going around, you’re probably well adept at your string crafting. Use it on your Valentines this year for a different take on the classic hearts. (via Hello Wonderful)

DIY watercolor cardView in gallery

I love any craft where watercolors come into play. Here, you use a spray bottle to get the splatter technique on your card stock and then your best calligraphy skills for the message. The customizations are limitless. (via Recreational Decorator)

DIY puzzle piece cardView in gallery

Snitch a puzzle piece from your kids for a bit to trace out this fun card. I suggest putting the missing piece on the inside. Your hubby will probably put it in that special spot in his sock drawer afterwards. (via Crea Bea Cards)

Printable instagram valentineView in gallery

How do you show love to your moody, too-cool-for-school teenager? Print out these Instagram Valentines of course. Just tape a heart chocolate to the center and you’re done! (via Design Eat Repeat)

DIY mason jar cardView in gallery

I saw this mason jar card and immediately thought of my mother and my mother-in-law and my grandmother and all the other women in my life who enjoy the country style. You’ll have to do a little free-handing for that jar, but there’s nothing like the present to practice your artistry skills! (via I Love To Create)

DIY gold leaf cardView in gallery

Where there is gold leaf, there is happiness. Grab the kids and let them color their hearts out with Sharpies on card stock. When they’re finished, you add the gold leaf on the side. The perfect card for grandparents and parents in the military. (via Woods of Bell Trees)

DIY fortune cookie cardView in gallery

Origami is such a fun yet rare art. Give your kids an introduction with these fortune cookie Valentines. If you get good enough, you might even add a Hershey kiss inside for extra sweetness. (via Splash of Something)

DIY valentine cardView in gallery

Time to put all those googly eyes in your craft box to good use by displaying a vintage song lyric. They’ll especially pop on a kraft paper card like this one. (via Kendall Jackson)

DIY teddy bear cardView in gallery

Anything that involves candy is a win. This adorable teddy bear may take a bit of work in the cutting and gluing department, but the finished result is a sweet treat for any loved one in your address book. (via Hobbycraft)

Woven heart cardView in gallery

A woven heart card like this is reminiscent to those old style 8 bit video games. If you and your sweetie met in the 70’s or 80’s this card might be a colorful reminder of some of the activities you shared in your younger days. (via Minieco)

DIY heartburst valentine cardView in gallery

Sometimes you really just need a card that is more classic and less frills and bows. Get out your scissors because the heart burst cut-out design on this card is just the thing you’re looking for. (via Tinsel and Trim)

DIY printable kids cardView in gallery

I couldn’t resist this adorable printable Valentine. Toddlers are the perfect recipients for these little faces this year. When they’ve eaten the candy, they’ll turn the card into paper friends for their dollhouse. (via Mer Mag)

DIY button sparkle cardView in gallery

Short on time this Valentines Day? Raid your craft box for simple things like buttons and sparkles to glue on a card with a cute phrase. The fact that you put the thought into it is gift enough. (via Kittenhood)