Unusual home in a ship in London Docks

When you say “home” you usually imagine either a house, somewhere in a quiet area, or an apartment somewhere in a busy city. But there are also other locations for a home, a little more unusual but still perfectly usable. There are homes built inside old churches, homes on wheels or homes on boats. The next example could be integrated in the last category.

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This 134 feet long riveted steel lightship can be found in London Docks. When you first look at it all you see is an old ship that could probably be used to explore the nearby waters. However, when you get inside the ship you discover that it’s also an improvised home. I’ve always wondered how it would be like to live on a ship, to fall asleep on the waves and to wave up when you hear the gulls.

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The interior of the ship has some furniture but it’s not an actual home where you could move at any moment. It still needs some work to be done, maybe it would also need a complex renovation. The idea is that this is a ship that could become a lovely home for those who want something unconventional and different.

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However, before rushing to make a decision, make sure you don’t get see sick. With a little time and effort this could become a very interesting home. Since it’s a ship, the rooms are not structures in the same way as they are in an apartment so the space is a little narrow. Still, this shouldn’t be a problem after the renovation.{found on jjlocations}