Turquoise hotel La Banane in St Barths

This location on St Barths is one of the most unique, secluded La banane hotel on the island. It is really small and ultra-private, it only has 9 rooms each with its own private terrace, but it compensates through landscape and interior design. Starting from the inside out the location features airy chambers with bright colors and wooden furniture. Plenty of natural light bounces from those tremendous shiny floors, back into the room highlighting its wonderful architectural details. White symbolizes purity and using impeccable white sheets and other white elements the ambiance created makes you feel in a place beyond the normal world you knew, some place higher, closer to heaven.

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My personal favorite, the bathroom, have wonderful mosaic glass tiles and some serious prints on the walls, as well as vibrant pops of red. Outside the sunny ambiance is combined with natural shading. Lush vegetation and beautiful palm trees surround the entire property in a perfect exotic ambiance.

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The wonderful colors from light turquoise to powerful green will definitely conquer you.Outside you can relax in full privacy and unique ambiance, along with the exterior furniture, as a comfortable compliment for to your body.  You will be surprised how your senses would be delighted on a  short vacation to this paradise. From the exotic color scheme, to those wonderful airy  bedrooms, with a certain European feel, thanks to the tile floors this is not a natural paradise, but an architectural one as well.