Tropical Retreat In Bali Opens Its Facade To Embrace Nature

Location is important for the design and structure of a house. For example, a mountain cabin needs to be well-insulated and cozy while a tropical home is better off being open and breezy. The Origami House is a home located in Bali, Indonesia.

Origami House pool and terraceView in gallery

It was built here in 2016 by Alexis Dornier, an architecture and design studio with a unique approach to every project. The team rethinks and reformulates the methods and the approach used based on each project’s requirements. Each house and space has its own set of rules, problems and solutions.

Origami House pool and terraceView in gallery

Origami House poolside areaView in gallery

The Origami House is a home that embraces its location and views. The interior design embraces texture and color and welcomes nature and the views inside, allowing them to become a part of the décor.

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The interior is organized as a series of cubic volumes connected to each other in all directions. The structure as a whole resembles a sort of pavilion, being open to the exterior. In fact, the connection between the interior and exterior spaces is very smooth and sometimes seamless and with no solid barriers.

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Origami House outdoor deck

The facade can be completely opened allowing the internal spaces to communicate with the garden and terrace. Given the location, the house needed to offer protection from the tropical rainfalls and the sun so it needed to stay cool and comfortable.

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In order to make the spaces as comfortable as possible, the architects designed the house with a wooden roof and structure. Traditional teak wood singles were incorporated into the design and the ceiling was envisioned as a geometric structure that gives the house a look similar to traditional A-frame homes.

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The timber ceiling ensures air flow and keeps the spaces cool while the large windows and sliding glass doors ensure natural ventilation and a strong connection with the outdoors and the lush greenery surrounding the house.

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A stone wall wraps around the swimming pool, establishing a comfortable and private ambiance. As we’ve already mentioned, texture is a big part of the overall design and décor. You can see how stone, wood and fabric are displayed in combination with all the greenery and the water.

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Origami House dining area terraceView in gallery

Origami House dining table

The interior spaces are open and casual. The house has a double-height living room, a studio with its own separate entrance and two bedrooms. A live edge top defines the beautiful kitchen island, becoming the focal point of this volume.

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The bedrooms have canopy beds and very simplistic decors that emphasize the rough beauty of the materials. The en-suite bathrooms are exquisite, being directly connected to the outdoors and featuring lovely décor accents.

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Origami House bathroom copper sinkView in gallery

A small bathtub is placed here on a bed of rocks, next to a stone wall and between actual trees. Another bathroom has a copper tub and a matching sink, the décor being a combination of rustic and industrial.

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