The Wood Finishes Fasano Boa Vista Hotel

Fasano Boa Vista is the latest creation coming as a result of the collaboration between Architect Isay Weinfeld, and restauranteur/hotelier Rogerio Fasano. They’ve also collaborated in order to create the Fasano Las Piedras hotel. You can read all about it on our site. This time we’re going to focus on the latest addition to the Fasano hotel chain.

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The Fasano Boa Vista hotel is located in Sao Paulo. It’s an impressive destination that stretches on more than 100 acres of native forest. It includes 15 lakes, stunning groves, am Arnold Palmer golf course and amazingly beautiful gardens. Despite its contemporary appearance, this unique hotel integrates beautifully into the surroundings. The hotel itself is a two-level building with a very interesting design. The building is shaped like a half moon. The public areas such as the lobby, the restaurant, the bar and lounge areas are all located in the middle. The suites are situated on the outer curves of the buildings, from where they can benefit from amazing views over the surrounding landscape.

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One of the reasons why this hotel integrates so nicely into the area is because it’s mainly outfitted with wood and stone, materials naturally found there. The hotel also has lots of large glass structures and huge windows that further contribute to the very close connection between the indoor and outdoor areas. This hotel is not just taking advantage from a unique and splendid location but it worships it with its entire design.