The W Electrical Appliances Collection by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Since the kitchen has become a part of the house dedicated for socializing besides its primary function as a cooking area, the appliances and kitchen furniture has also taken a leap towards something closer to elegant furniture than to electrical appliances and fixtures. The W Collection is a clear example in this direction.

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Designed by French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the W Collection includes a series of kitchen appliances with elegant designs and compact shapes that will allow you to eliminate the discrepancies of style between the kitchen and the living room and the rest of the room in your home. The collection includes a hub and oven system, a stylish induction table with four inductors and a central workspace, a remote-controlled hood crafted with grey glass and lacquered metal, a big vaulted oven tower featuring an electric oven integrated in a wooden cabinet and with a large cupboard at the top and a separate wooden cabinet and three-drawer sideboard.

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The collection was designed for La Cornue and it was presented in April at Eurocucina Milan. It introduces a contemporary approach to traditional kitchen furniture and appliances. It’s a modern alternative with innovative designs and technology. It was an important step for La Cornue that hasn’t created a new model in thirty years. It’s also a revolutionary concept that will influence the way the kitchen is seen and will allow us to reevaluate its functionality and to it a natural part of the interior design.