The stylish and luxurious Dream South Beach boutique hotel

Located in the center of Miami’s art district, on South Beach’s famed Collins Avenue, directly behind the former Versace Mansion, the Dream South Beach hotel is a wonderful destination full of beautiful surprises. The hotel contains a total of 108 rooms, all featuring stylish and luxurious interiors. In addition, the rooftop pool lounge offers amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, making everything seem even more spectacular.

Dream South Beach House2
This luxury hotel was designed by Michael Czysz’s design house Architropolis while the interior was the creation of Kelly Ogden. The hotel is actually the result of the spectacular transformation of the Tudor Hotel and Palmer House that together form this amazing hideaway. The hotels have been completely redefined, redesigned and remodeled. The rooms completely changed their decors. They became more mysterious and have stunning modern interiors.

Dream South Beach House

Dream South Beach House1

Dream South Beach House3

Dream South Beach House4

Dream South Beach House8

The guests are welcomed by screens made of carved wood and blue glass as they enter the hotel room. Inside, everything is perfectly organized. The bed is perfectly centered and the entire room is decorated with tones of blue and gold. The screens have both decorative and functional roles as they add a nice aesthetic to the room while serving as room dividers and offering privacy for the bathroom and shower areas.

Dream South Beach House5

Dream South Beach House6

Dream South Beach House7

The main idea behind this whole remodel project was to create a calm and tranquil atmosphere in the rooms so that the guests can relax and get the feeling of being in a beautiful dream. The décor is simple but the details are carefully chosen to reflect the designer’s philosophy. The new design is a combination of modern elements and avant-garde charm. The result is an elegant look with a touch of mystery and spectacular. The design is a combination of influences from different areas of the world, including New York City, Bangkok, Thailand and Cochin, India.