The Stunning Iron Lace Residence from Montreal, Canada

Usually, architectural projects have representative names. Whether it’s something as simple as the name of the street they’re situated on or a term that is representative for its design or history, it’s always something special. For this residence, the architects chose to name the project Iron Lace. You might find the name odd but it all makes sense once you see the interior.

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The Iron Lace residence is located in Montreal, Canada and it was a project designed by Gestion René Desjardins. It’s a modern residence with a sophisticated interior design. What’s interesting here is the way all the different textures and elements combine and interact harmoniously.

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The most striking feature of the residence would have to be the staircase. It’s actually the element that gave the residence its name. The floating staircase has a simple and modern design, the stairs are made of wood and match the flooring in the residence. But the guardrail is the element that stands out. When you look at it from the distance it resembles black lace. But it’s actually made of iron, hence the name. It’s a conglomerate of black iron circles of various sizes which are inked together.

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The overall design of this residence could be described as sophisticated and elegant. The color palette is restraint and features the classical black and white along with natural wood and an array of accent colors which can be seen in the form of area rugs, artwork and decorations. Throughout the residence, the rooms have wooden floors with a beautiful finish. They add warmth and texture to the décor. The walls are white and this makes the rooms feel airy and spacious.

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As you can see, the décor is quite simple but in each room there are striking focal points and elements with a strong visual impact. Overall, the décor is balanced and harmonious and all the elements come together as a whole.