The Spectacular Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort

The Six Senses Zighy Bay is a unique resort and a luxury destination for all those who seek an exotic experience with unique culinary experiences. The resort is a very attractive destination because of its location and wonderful views but also because of other more terrestrial attractions such as the delicious food prepared by James Knight-Pacheco. He is the new Chef de Cuisine at the resort and responsible for the restaurants.

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In order to create diversity, the chef decided to introduce a new menu concept based on international recipes and with rich Arabic spices coming directly from the resort’s organic garden. The guests will be able to choose from three or five courses with fine elements prepared by the chef and his team. As he declares himself, his food is “inventive, progressive and intelligent; combining customer desire with industry knowledge”. Of course, you have to go there by yourself in order to judge whether or not it’s as good as others say.

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Besides the restaurants, the resort also offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Guests can enjoy the unique landscape on the remote Musandam Peninsula, accessible from Dubai. They can travel there via speedboat ride, 4×4 over the mountain top or by air. Once there, they can find 82 rustic stone villas with private swimming pools and personal butler services as well as a very beautiful white beach with views of the Gulf of Oman. It’s a luxurious destination that promises only the best.