The Sea Defence Shelves and Table

I think we’ll soon get bored of all the conventional shaped furniture and try to find something more original for our homes. Instead of massive highly ornamented furniture we’ll begin to search for simpler modern items, special created to fit a youthful space and to preserve our freedom of movement.

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The Sea Defence collection follows the principle of simplicity by offering clean-lined furniture products for your contemporary home. The collection is inspired by the sea defencers which floated by the coast of Britain. The Sea Defence gathers more types of home furniture, such as shelves, coffee tables, side tables, stools and lights. Thanks to the wide range of products you can furnish your entire room with this collection, offering it a more organic aspect. The pieces of furniture are hand crafted in Scotland. They are made from birch which gives them a more select and natural look.

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The elegant lines will make you expose proudly your new furniture. The solid structure will give you the certitude they’ll last in time. This collection is suitable for customers of any age. The mature ones will be able to appreciate a high quality product and the little ones will be thrilled to be surrounded by war ships. By buying this product, you will feel like a winner, not only because of the naval symbolism, but also due to the fact that this collection won in 2009 the Product Design prize at the D&AD Student awards.{found on andy site}.