The restored version of Richard Meier’s Douglas House

The Douglas House is a classic beauty located over the shores of Lake Michigan. The house was originally built for Jim and Jean Douglas in 1973. The construction process took three years to be completed and it was developed by Richard Meier. The house was completely white and the interior was filled with furniture designed by Le Corbusier, Miles van der Rohe and Richard Meier.

Extended douglas house interior living roomView in gallery

The house had to undergo 2 renovation over a period of 35 years. When the current owners found this place it had been on the market for quite some time and didn’t look so good. There were dead bugs, a musty smell, a collapsing ceiling in the kitchen, fogged glass and a sagging bridge. The steel windows were rusted and the floors also has some water damage.Michael McCarthy and Marcia Myers decided to buy the house and to restore it to its original beauty.

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Douglas house interior portrait living roomView in gallery

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They decided to keep the original design and the whole process took four years. The windows had to be removed. They were then sandblasted and powder-coated and reinstalled. The house was also repainted using the same “Meier White”. Some changes also had to be made. HVAC systems were replaced with energy-efficient equipment. Moreover, a Meier-designed sofa from the living room was reupholstered and returned to its original beauty. It was a challenging process but in the end the results were more than satisfying.{found on archdaily}