The Real Madrid Resort Island

Although I am not a football fan, it is almost impossible for me not to find out different things about the biggest football clubs, considering all the news and sports channels focus their attention on what they call ‘the king o all sports’. I understood early that all the staff from a football team disposes of a lot of money. But besides the luxurious cars, houses, vacations and beautiful wives, it seems now that footballers have another luxurious target.

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I’m not sure if I would like to live in a world of footballers, but I certainly would be interested to visit their territory if it included five stars hotels, amusement parks, an Oceanside stadium and the wonderful view offered by the environment of an island.It seems that this kind of a footballer nest should become reality in 2015 when Real Madrid football team intends to open the ‘Real Madrid Resort Island’, an artificial island resort created in the United Arab Emirates.

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The whole project is estimated to cost almost $ 1bn and it gathers a five star hotel, an amusement park, beaches bungalows, training pitches and swimming pools, a 10,000-seat football stadium which also has an opened view by the sea. One of the most impressive attractions is the hologram with all Real Madrid’s goals. Besides all these entertainments, the island also disposes of a marina for yachting. The club’s president, Florentino Perez, should be proud of this audacious project which will definitely attire lots of tourists and soccer fans.