The North Fork Eesidence by Thielsen Architects

The North Fork residence is located in Snoqualmie, Washington, USA. It’s a contemporary house and it was designed by Kirkland-based design studio Thielsen Architects.The location is very beautiful. The residence is perched on the edge of a wooded cliff and has views of the Tate Creek. It integrates beautifully into the surroundings thanks to the selection of materials and colors that the architects chose for this project.

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Given the shape of the site, the architects decided to take advantage of it rather than to try to change it. As a result, they opted for an underground garage built into the slope. They used natural stone as an exterior finish material and this allows the house to create a seamless connection between the slopes above and below it. The interior of the house is very beautiful as well. The internal structure is well defined and organized. The residence features a central area around which the rest of the rooms are organized.

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This space also allows the transition from public to private. There’s an open plan that includes the kitchen, the dining room and a living area. The living room features a beautiful fireplace and there’s also an additional one is one of the other rooms. The bedrooms are spacious and feature modern interiors. The color palette and the selection of materials are retrained and include neutral tones of grey, white and beige and a combination of wood, glass and stone. All the rooms facing east benefit from panoramic views of the Cascade foothills and Mt. Si.{pictures by Art Grice}.