The new W Hotel in Paris

W Hotels took another step in their expansion. They opened a new hotel in Paris. This one is located near the Garnier Opera House and it was opened just a few days ago, on February 28. It’s a very chic and modern hotel with a stylish and impressive interior design. W Hotels have created establishments all over the world and this is just another step towards a great expansion.

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Their latest establishment is this 91 room hotel located in Paris. It was created after taking over a historic 1870 building. Many of the original elements have preserved because the historic look is something unique and very difficult to recreate. The original charm is still present in the building. However, the architects managed combine that charm with a modern design. The hotel is a mix of history and modern technology. The hotel was a creation of design team Rockwell Group Europe> that worked with W Global Brand Design to make this place unique.

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Since the hotel is in Paris otherwise known as the city of lights, it was important that it would share this element. As a result, the hotel is as imposing on the inside as it is from the outside. Among the modern and eye-catching details incorporated into its design we can mention a curvaceous black wall that wraps around the bar and then continues into the restaurant and a high gloss partition with tiny hotel and lit on the back that makes a wonderful element especially at night.

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The main colors sued by the designers are black, red and white, an elegant and timeless mix with a royal touch. The hotel’s restaurant is decorated with ancient symbols and characters that however are presented as a modern addition. The spiral case with red, black and white elements is also a beautiful detail.